Introduction: Car Mobile Holder With Coat Hanger

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I want to Show You How to Make Car Mobile Holder With Coat Hanger

Step 1: What We Need?

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We Need:

Estatic Band
or Shoe Band

Step 2: PAttern

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I made it like image,
this style has many features
1.during riding your phone doesn't fall can connect your USB charger to your device
3.It has the best view for riding on Gps like sygic Or Other NAvigating

Step 3: Finally...

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We use Shoe Band or anything else that have empty Place Inside it to Cover The hanger metal
it Prevents to scratch your phone and make it beautiful.
I have huawei G750,i tested iphone 6 + on it,
It works at well.
If you have question or want more pictures Chat with me on


seamster (author)2016-04-22

This is a clever solution, and it looks pretty sturdy too. Nice work! :)

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