Step 8: To be continued

In Car No.05 Fifth Stage, chocolate version of automatic driving control system will be tested. Chocolate version is the car own position adjusting system using web camera.

However, adjusting car own position system requires backward driving. Since the speed controller Tamiya TEU-104BK does not function well for the change from forward to backward.

Prior be understood that I cannot complete full Chocolate version with this Car No.05.


Can I run your code directly from Arduino while I don't have a C compiler with me?<br><br>I tried to, but it gave me an error that &quot;FreeIMU1.cpp&quot; was not found.
Hi! <br>Depress the above FreeIMU1.lzh and paste all files (except *.pde) in ../arduino-022/libraries/FreeIMU1 folder. (Make FreeIMU1 folder under libraries folder in arduino program folder.) <br>DebugUtils.h shall be in ../arduino-022/libraries/DebugUtils folder. <br>After that upload FreeIMU1_A.pde to your Arduino, <br> <br>I got these files from the below site and modified for only ITG3200 use. <br>http://www.varesano.net/blog/fabio/initial-implementation-9-domdof-marg-imu-orientation-filter-adxl345-itg3200-and-hmc5843-a <br> <br>If you are using Arduino UNO, kindly advise me whether this Hinoshizuku1 works or not in your UNO. <br>In my case, this Hinoshizuku1 works very well on Arduino Duemilanove, but NOT on Arduino UNO. <br> <br>Good Luck! <br>
Thanx, I downloaded your files + DebugUtils from the link you mentioned, everything compiled and uploaded now but it doesn't seem to work as the values on Serial monitor are not changing.<br><br>I am using Arduino Duemilanove and a 6DOF IMU which uses IT3200 as its gyro.<br><br>I have also changed Gyro address to 0x68 (at which normally my gyro reponds) in the respective header file but no luck.
HI!<br>I am afraid it seems beyond my control.<br>Just try varesano.net code and my Hinoshizuku2 code.<br>If both do not work, I have know idea.<br>

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