Picture of Car No. 06 Programmed Automatic Driving Car

Hi! Kaeru no Ojisan is back with Car No.06.

Car No.06 is a Programmed Automatic Driving Car with following procedure;

- Simulate the Car Trajectory based on the Target Passing Points.

- Drive automatically as simulated using Reflective Photosensor and Gyro Sensor .

- Adjust Car Position to the starting point using Web Camera, after coming back adjacent to the starting point.

Car No.06 is composed of 4-Wheel-Steering chassis, R/C Car body and Car Top PC with 4 Arduinos and Web Camera.


I made an explanation video.

Please watch it in full screen mode! And Car No.06 test run one is followed.
I have succeeded up to 18 rounds in Car No.05 Altered (Yogurt Version). Please watch this.

This explanation video is made using Car No.05 data. The detail values and figures in the video might be different from Car No.06 ones.

Step 1: Procurement

Picture of Procurement

R/C Car

- Car Body Tamiya 8085282 Mini Cooper

- Chassis Tamiya M-03R chassis x 2

- Motor 380 motor x 2

- Attaching Jig Kawada B57 x 2

- Servo Futaba S3003 x 2

- Motor Driver SyRen 10A

- NI-Cd Battery for R/C Car 1500mAh 7.2V

- Lubic

- Plarepair


Car Top PC

- Motherboard Intel D510MO

- Memory DDR2 2GB


- Wireless LAN Planex GW-USHyper300

- Battery JTT Energizer XP8000 + 12V/3A conversion cable type B



- Arduino Duemilanove x 2

- Arduino UNO x 2

- Arduino ProtoShield Kit DEV-07914 x 4



- Reflective Photosensor Rohm RPR-359F x 2

- Resistance 510 ohm x 2, 47k ohm x 2



- 3-axis gyro ITG-3200


Web Camera

- Logicool HD Pro Webcam C910



mrb21123 years ago
This is EXTRA cool because it's on a MINI! ;)
crob09 mrb21123 years ago
I think the author/ developer should mold a Mr Bean sitting on a chair and use it to cover up the electronics. Not saying the setup looks bad, I just think it would suit the vehicle chose.
Seriously a very cool project.
Kaeru no Ojisan (author)  crob093 years ago
Thank you for your comment.
I have realized this car top PC(170mm x 170mm) is too big for Rover MINI.
But it will fit to Tractor Truck and I am working to apply to apply this system.
Kaeru no Ojisan (author)  mrb21123 years ago
Hi! Thanks!
I LOVE Rover Mini too.
It matches to my small room.
But I am now considering to apply this system to Tractor Truck and SUV;
tinker2343 years ago
could it be made full size legally
Kaeru no Ojisan (author)  tinker2343 years ago
Hi! Technically it can be made full size, but I do not know legally OK or not.
well time to read some polices in my state then
tinker2343 years ago
wow it drives itself