Car No.02 Steering Wheel Drive R/C Car with Arduino, Webcam and net.USB etc.

Picture of Car No.02 Steering Wheel Drive R/C Car with Arduino, Webcam and net.USB etc.
IP Control Car was launched in 2001.
I make the similar function car utilizing commercialized products.

The concept of Car No.02 is to utilize commercialized products, and I am an amateur in electrical. So, do not blame me that the system is not sophisticated, i.e. servo & speed controller control system and webcam system are not integrated, or 4 different types of batteries are used for R/C Car(7.2V), Arduino(5V), USB Device Server(12V) and Wireless Broadband Router(5V).

Step 1: Procurement

Picture of Procurement
R/C Car
- Chassis Tamiya M-05Ra Chassis
- Body Tamiya 8085258 Mini Cooper Monte Carlo 94 Finished Body
- Geared Motor AO-8014 Tamiya Geared Motor 380K10 (gear ratio 10:1)
- Servo Futaba S3003
- Speed Controller Tamiya TEU-104BK
- Ni-Cd Battery 1500mAh 7.2V

Mounted devices on R/C Car
- Arduino Duemilanove
- Arduino ProtoShield Kit DEV-07914
- Bluetooth Modem BlueSMiRF
- 5V 500mA Battery eneloop mobile booster KBC-L3AS
- Webcam Microsoft LifeCam Show RLA-00007
- USB Device Server IO Data ETG-DS/US (net.USB)
- Wireless Broadband Router PLANEX MZK-MF300N
- 12V 1A Low Dropout Regulator LM2940CT-12 kit
- 5V 1A Low Dropout Regulator LM2940CT-5.0 kit
- AA battery x 20
- Battery Case (AAx10pcs) x 2
- Lubic, etc

Desktop PC side (OS is Windows XP.)
- Steering Wheel Logicool Driving Force GT LPRC-14000
- Bluetooth USB Adaptor Parani-UD100
- Wireless LAN USB Adapter GW-US300MiniS
- Wireless LAN Extender PLANEX MZK-EX300N-EZ

Software (to be downloaded and installed)
- Arduino
- Processing
- Jmyron (http://webcamxtra.sourceforge.net/)
- proCONTROLL (http://creativecomputing.cc/p5libs/procontroll/)
rirdrifta2 years ago
hello If I am wrong for what I am about to say please tell me and I am sorry? You do not explain how everything is connected. Like for example I was wondering where the Bluetooth modem is connect to on the car.
Kaeru no Ojisan (author)  rirdrifta2 years ago
Hi, thank you for your comment.
Just refer to my Car No.04 project.
The devices connections are shown in the first page.

xl1004 years ago
Can you make your videos not private we can see your demonstration like you intended?
Kaeru no Ojisan (author)  xl1004 years ago
Thank you for pointing out. I have revised.
Thank you. Your project is pretty cool.
i have a tamiya wild one and am curantlly restoring it because it is 26 years old
tamiya is a realy good brand!
psymansays4 years ago
Love the project! I built a rolling platform for a laptop PC, to get the same drive-by-joystick experience, but it's all the same in the end :)
imazzoli4 years ago
20 Kg of R/C car xD
Nice project :D