Car No.03 Steering Wheel Drive R/C Car with Arduino, Webcam and net.USB etc. But this is Crawler and 4WS (4 wheel steering)

Picture of Car No.03 Steering Wheel Drive R/C Car with Arduino, Webcam and net.USB etc. But this is Crawler and 4WS (4 wheel steering)
This Car No.03 uses similar system as Car No.02, but different chassis Crawler CR-01 is applied, which has optional 2 servos system and that makes crab-driving (4 wheels same direction) or short turning radius driving (front and rear wheels different direction) available. It makes great fun for driving!
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Step 1: Procurement

R/C Car
- Motor ATLAS AT7-153 Rock-Climber Stock Motor 130T
- Servo Futaba 404PD x 2
- Speed Controller Tamiya TEU-104BK
- NI-Cd Battery 7.2V 1300mAh

Mounted devices on R/C Car
- Arduino Duemilanove
- Arduino ProtoShield Kit DEV-07914
- Bluetooth Modem BlueSMiRF
- 5V 500mA Battery eneloop mobile booster KBC-L3AS
- Webcam Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 7ND-00006
- USB Device Server IO Data ETG-DS/US (net.USB)
- Wireless Broadband Router MZK-MF300N
- 12V 1A Low Dropout Regulator LM2940CT-12 kit
- 5V 1A Low Dropout Regulator LM2940CT-5.0 kit
- AA battery x 20
- Battery Case (AAx10pcs) x 2
- Lubic, etc

PC side (Same as Car No.02)
- Steering Wheel Logicool Driving Force GT LPRC-14000
- Bluetooth USB Adaptor Parani-UD100
- Wireless LAN USB Adapter GW-US300MiniS
- Wireless LAN Extender PLANEX MZK-EX300N-EZ

Software (Same as Car No.02)
- Arduino
- Processing
- Jmyron (

haffinator8 months ago
Awesome projects you have made.. what's the best way to map the steering wheel and have the arduino control it? I currently have Uno R3 and Micro..
Kaeru no Ojisan (author)  haffinator8 months ago
I don’t know what you intend to make. But Arduino Servo library or Software Servo library is good enough to control R/C car.
If you need more accurate control, you should use Servo Shield.
Servo Shield can control 16 servos.
You can also make the servo controller with IC chip 4017N using Servo Shield library. (Refer to Eagle Design Files of Servo Shield)
Rumbo2 years ago
u should put the cam. in the cockpit/driver seat so it looks like ur driving
Kaeru no Ojisan (author)  Rumbo2 years ago
Thank you for your comment. I will reflect to my further project.

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