Step 2: Assembling

Assemble Tamiya MERCEDES-BENZ UNIMOG 406 SERIES U900 CRAWLER CHASSIS CR-01 CHASSIS in accordance with Assembly Manual.
(Precise Assembly Manual is not available on website, but another CR-01 chassis one is available. http://www.tamiya.com/japan/download/rcmanual/58405.pdf)

- Get the center value of servos and set up speed controller
  Instead of Part 12 of Assembly Manual (Checking R/C equipment), get the center value of servos and set up speed controller with connecting them to Arduino.

  Upload the attached Arduino code. Total 3 controllers (2 servos and 1 speed controller) are used in this system. Instead of <Servo.h>, <SoftwareServo.h> is applied for Arduino code.

  Arduino code

  Connect servos and speed controller to Arduino.
  (Servo1 front --> D9, 5V, GND Servo2 rear --> D10, 5V, GND Speed Controller --> D11, 5V, GND)

  Run the attached Processing code.

  Processing code

  Once the display window appears, press ‘s’ key to start serial communication.

  ‘Right’ and ‘left’ arrow keys relate to servos and ‘up’ and ‘down’ ones relate to speed controller.

  Make the first figure 64 in the Processing lower black screen by pressing ‘s’ key.

  Attach a servo arm to Servo1(front) as much as central. After attaching the servo arm to Servo1, get the center value of servo1.
  (Press ‘right ‘and/or ‘left’ arrow keys, make the servo arm center, then read the first figure.)
  Next Servo2(rear), press ‘s’ key and then ‘b’ key, then the same way as Servo1.

  Set up speed controller in accordance with speed controller setup manual.
  (Press ‘s’ key, then the second value becomes 63 as neutral. Press ‘f’ key then press ‘up’ arrow key continuously, then the second value becomes 127 as forward max. Press ‘r’ key then press ‘down’ arrow key continuously, then the second value becomes 0 as backward max.)

  Disconnect servos and speed controller from Arduino.

- Receiver(Part 27) and antenna pipe(Part 32) are not required for this system

- Body
  Make holes for Lubic mount and Webcam attachment.
  Attach Lubic mount .
  Attach Webcam together with Arduino+ProtoShield+Bluetooth Modem.

- Attach 12V 1A and 5V 1A power supplies on acrylic plate.

- Attach wireless broadband router, USB device server and eneloop battery on acrylic plate with double-faced adhesive tape, and fix on Lubic mount.

- Wiring/Connect and mount 2 battery cases (AAx10pcs x 2).

Awesome projects you have made.. what's the best way to map the steering wheel and have the arduino control it? I currently have Uno R3 and Micro..
I don&rsquo;t know what you intend to make. But Arduino Servo library or Software Servo library is good enough to control R/C car. <br>If you need more accurate control, you should use Servo Shield. <br>http://www.renbotics.com/servoshield.php <br>Servo Shield can control 16 servos. <br>You can also make the servo controller with IC chip 4017N using Servo Shield library. (Refer to Eagle Design Files of Servo Shield) <br>
u should put the cam. in the cockpit/driver seat so it looks like ur driving
Thank you for your comment. I will reflect to my further project.

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