Step 3: PC Side Setup

- Install driver and connect Steering Wheel.

- Install driver and connect Bluetooth USB Adaptor.

- Install driver and connect Wireless LAN USB Adapter.

Awesome projects you have made.. what's the best way to map the steering wheel and have the arduino control it? I currently have Uno R3 and Micro..
I don&rsquo;t know what you intend to make. But Arduino Servo library or Software Servo library is good enough to control R/C car. <br>If you need more accurate control, you should use Servo Shield. <br>http://www.renbotics.com/servoshield.php <br>Servo Shield can control 16 servos. <br>You can also make the servo controller with IC chip 4017N using Servo Shield library. (Refer to Eagle Design Files of Servo Shield) <br>
u should put the cam. in the cockpit/driver seat so it looks like ur driving
Thank you for your comment. I will reflect to my further project.

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