angle grinder,

electric grinder sandpaper,

inverter welder,



car brake disc (from my car)

car spring shock absorber (from my car)

metal pipe

wood rings

hanger carpentery

Step 1: Preparing Items

Prepare car barke disc, car spring shoc absorber

cut metal pipe - lenght what you need

clean the bark of wooden rings (pic. 5)

grind them sandpaper

Step 2: Welding

Welded to the car brake disc pre-cut metal pipe,

then weld car spring shock absorber (pic. 3,4,5),

at the other end of metal pipe fix hanger carpentery (pic. 7)

Step 3: Finishing

Cleaned a piece of wood secure wood oil,

metal construction, clean (grinder) and paint (I using spray paint)

Step 4: Done

Attach a piece of wood to metal construction ... and ready!

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