Car Reindeer Hack! Light it up with LEDs and Bike Lights

Picture of Car Reindeer Hack! Light it up with LEDs and Bike Lights
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Turn your car into a two ton reindeer and delight children and adults alike! Click on the video to see it in action!

My son wanted a nose and antlers that would glow so here is our hack for a glowing reindeer car.

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Music: Kevin MacLeod ( Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
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Step 3: Pull Out the Stuffing

Picture of Pull Out the Stuffing
Getting ready to sew in the velcro.

Take out all of the stuffing and set it aside.

Step 4: Cut the Velcro

Determine how much Velcro you will need to close the seam you just ripped open by placing the Velcro on the nose

Round the corners at the top to keep the round shape

Step 5: Sew in the Velcro

Picture of Sew in the Velcro
Line up the Velcro strips and sew the Velcro in by whatever method you want.

I had my machine handy so I used it!

Sew all around the entire Velcro strip, not just the top or the bottom of the strip. Remember, you want the bike light to be secure!

Step 6: Stuff the Nose and Place the Light Inside

Picture of Stuff the Nose and Place the Light Inside
Place the stuffing back in the nose and place the red bike light on top of the stuffing pointing out.

The nose is done!

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