These three games are my entries for The Are We There Yet Challenge, so if you like the games please vote.
My family and I play these all the time and are a great way to pass the time on road trips.

1. The Celebrity Name Game
2. The One Word Story Game
3. The Related Word Game

Step 1: Celebrity Name Game

This game is for 2+ players.

One person starts by saying a famous person's name- e.g. Thomas Edison.

The person clockwise from them says a person whose first name starts with the same letter as the last name of the last player's person, e.g. Elton John. Names cannot be repeated over. If you want an easier version, use fictional characters as well. (Bugs Bunny)

This goes on, Jessica Simpson - Stephen King - Kevin Rudolf - Richard Nixon - Nick Jonas - 
someone responds with a double letter - e.g. Jesse James from Nick Jonas.

At this point, double letters reverse the direction.

This can be done repeatedly like -Stephen Spielberg - Sally Struthers - Susan Sarandon and so on.


This can be made into a tournament: 

One candy bar. One Winner. Play like normal, but when someone can't think of a name, they're out. Narrow it down to one person like this, and the winner gets the candy.
<p>Now a website:</p><p>http://www.theonewordstory.com/</p>
You have to use original photos.

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