Car Scene Blanket


Introduction: Car Scene Blanket

I created this blanket as a gift for my nephew. I enjoy art in various forms, but have no talents as a painter. Crochet allows me to express creativity using a meduim that works for me. The blanket is a car on the road with an airplane and clouds in ths sky. It took a bit of time to put together and work out the pattern, since I didn't have one to work from.



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    This is fantastic. I'm so impressed at your creativity. I find it hard enough following a simple pattern. Well done.

    Was everything crocheted directly into the blanket? The stitches near the tires on the car body go in a different direction; how did you do this? Neat! You did a wonderful job!

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    Thanks!! I wish I could give you explicit instructions for this but unfortunately I have no pattern. I have a few notes that I could use to do a similar blanket, but I couldn't recreate this stitch for stitch. I can tell you that the wheels on the car and the stop light circles are sort of the focal point and I worked from there. Needless to say I crocheted, ripped it out and re-did parts of this many times! The majority of the blanket is done in DC and, though you can't see it well on the picture, there is actually a three dimensional curb created using a front post stitch. I wish I could tell you more or provide more pictures, but my documentation is very limited. I do appreciate being able to share this with others addicted to crochet. :-) Happy stitching!

    I like it, except it isn't an instructable. Do you have pictures of the types of stiches you used, and how you brought it all together?