Step 4: CUT IT OUT.

Picture of CUT IT OUT.
Like Uncle Joey used to say, "CUT IT OUT" This is the least fun step, at least it's my least favorite...Basically here is where you're gonna be doing all the grunt work, cutting out your pattern and such.

When cutting these patterns out, if you made sure it was a tight fit, give yourself a good half inch for a seam allowance (cause if you don't you'll be having some troubles.) Refer to the Fabric Cutting Chart for the what's what of your pattern.

Make sure you use some sort of quilt batting, interfacing or foam, it'll add some comfy cushh. I used a quilt batting, it was a pretty thick one, so it's gonna be mighty comfy.

Keep everything pinned to the pattern, it helps keep it organized, at least until you need to sew it.