This was an old car seat I had in my shed.
I was going to build a PC based racing frame, it would have been on springs with a
force feedback steering wheel attached to the frame to give
race vibration.
Unfortunately I never got hold of an Arc welder to make the frame:-(
Anyway here's what I made, and will now use on a regular basis.

Step 1: The Materials

Car seat, 4 x panels, 4 x 2" x 4" wood blocks, 28 wood screws, 4 x castor's,
I love this! Much better than just leaning the back of the seat up against the shed. :P
Cool idea. That would be cool for a media room.
<p>Awsome! I'm doing a similar job with an old Focus Zetec seat soon </p>
<p>That's pretty awesome, I been looking for a computer chair but all the good ones seems very expensive and was thinking about making something like this and now having seen 1 I will definitely be building 1 myself :)</p>
<p>Flippin awesome</p>
When I have the time and money to go to the junkyard to pull a nice seat, this shall be mine.

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