I've never liked the window suction mounts for phones and tablets so I designed a pretty simple tablet/iPad bracket for a 2005 Mustang. The parts are just aluminum U-channel and flat stock that can be found in any hardware store. The thumb screws were just lying around in the junk drawer. I have a few more ideas to make this mount a little cleaner and stronger; stay tuned. A plasti-dip coating would look pretty good too. Thanks for taking a look.
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Super idea. <br> <br>No need of a GPS, take a tablet and you all in one ;)
Thanks for taking a look and your comments.
tland2 - I put a washer with double sided tape on the sides where the thumbscrews apply pressure; the washers can be seen in a paused video. (That part got left out of the video by accident) The washers have an opening smaller than the thumb screw screw so it acts as a divit to hold the thumbscrew centered but doesn't puncture the plastic. It holds pretty well, although a drilled hole with a nut on the backside of the plastic stack epoxied in would make it even stronger. Thanks for taking a look and your comments.
How are you securing the thumb screws to the car with out leaving any permeant wholes? Maybe I missed that bit. I'm not exactly sure how it stays on.

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