Introduction: Car USB Multi Charger Under 2$

Picture of Car USB Multi Charger Under 2$

I don't like cCar multi chargers as attached.

Bad quality, short lifetime and ect.

I connect all 12V devices with hand made charger

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Fuse adapter



Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools

Step 3: Positive Pole Wire

Picture of Positive Pole Wire

Step 4: Negative Pole Wire

Picture of Negative Pole Wire

Step 5: Connection

Picture of Connection

I connected my one using inside fuse box.

Use any BUSY fuse where 12V comes every time you start your engine

Outside fuse box in this video is used as example

Step 6: Check

Picture of Check

All works great

I connected 4 devices, hid wires


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