Here are some drawings of a Bugatti Veyron, cartoon style, and a Ford Mustang GT500, which is unfinished. I drew these by hand myself, I didn't trace or use photoshop.

I will post some more drawings soon, including a Ferrari FXX and Porsche!

Enjoy! =D  
I use to draw car drawing really well I moved on to realistic stuff check my account out!
Very nice! You should look at some of mine in the forum section.
Okay, I'm afraid you're a liar my friend.<br>google cartoon bugatti and its the 2nd result.<br>Havent looked for the mustang yet, but I'm going to assume it was traced too.<br>
so you're saying its complete coincidence that your drawing looks EXACTLY like the one done done by Wicked Artz Cartoon Cars? <br>You'll excuse my skepticism.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my drawings
I think these aren't traced. I put them in photoshop and no lines matched perfectly.<br>They are really good for a beginner. Consider some research in rendering and colour-you will be pleasantly surprised.
Thanks very much! =D
Look at mine for ideas.
Ok, thanks! =D
I want to be a car designer, so i need to do my research, but i need to start somewhere in order to progress to my own work and style: I was 12 when i drew this.
No, I said in the description I did not trace or photoshop. These were my first ever car drawings. I had to start somewhere, so i found a style of car drawing i wanted to use and copied this one because i couldn't think of anything else to draw.
Thanks =D

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