In this instructable I will try to explain how to make this retro classic: the car headlight desk lamp. And yes, the main lamp is really a headlight from an oldtimer :)

First you have to find all of the parts; the headlight was found on a fleamarket and the base was extracted from an old desk lamp. It's basically a very simple job of painting the headlight and buffing all the chrome parts with some silver paper and cola (that really works, you know!). 

Afterwards you only have to connect the 2 parts and add some electronic components and wires. It's just that easy!

List of parts:

-base of desk lamp
-transformer (not the robot kind, just a voltage supply)
-lamp foot
-shrink wrap
-halogen replacement base
-halogen lamp

For the paint job you'll need:

-spray paint
-polishing wax
-car wax

Let's get started!

Step 1: Cleaning All the Parts

First off, we'll start with cleaning the old headlight. This was painted black, but in some spots rust was showing through. So, first step is to clean all the rust off and make the surface nice and smooth (no bumps).

I did this with an angle grinder and sand paper. Just do it careful, because ones you shave it off, you can't put it back!

After the grinding off the lamp, I'll start prepping this for painting. Since the surface is already nice and course (for the paint to adhere better to the metal) I only had to clean off the dust and use some soap to remove residual oil from, for example, touching the lamp (those are bad for your paint layer).

While I let the headlight dry in the sun, I start with the cleaning of the chrome parts. This is done by pouring cola over the affected area and rubbing it consequently with the silver paper (use the shiny side). After a few rubbings the chrome will almost look as new!

For more information on that technique, visit this instructable: Chrome polishing - mythbusters style
<p>That is one of the coolest lamps i have ever seen! I will make one!</p>
<p>can you explain how to wire </p><p>it</p>
cool light!! <br>It don't take much for me to get confused tho(IE: electronics/electricity/other technical stuff) <br>but regardless, I love the lamp! you did an excellent job with making this!
now i can make this to replace my old lamp thanks
Very good idea to use the Hushman headlights I saved for 20 years, but there's no way I can get the accessories needed for the lamp base. I'm thinking of using heavy industrial flexible coguit, but that's ugly and requires brazing. Any thoughts on nice swivel movements? <br>Best regards
I got my base from a flee market, but you can also create one from messing tubes or drape pipes. Some of those have some attachments that look like swivels.
To get ah mirror finish on your paint use Rotten Stone, Water and ah cotten cloth. <br>Its like doing ah spit shine on your combat boots and you get ah 20,000 foot shine on the object. (20,000 foot shine...you can see and ID an aircraft flying over @ 20,000 feet).

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