Since the buttons of the car keys have broken and the ones I did as substitution were not comfortable I decided to try to make new ones better and more functional.

Step 1: Materials and tools

To realize them you don't need much, just get or buy the oyumaru (it's the ideal material to create molds of things and objects you want to replicate) and Fimo (this is also a material that I didn't know and, as the oyumaru, I discovered thanks to other instructable authors who have reported them to me and recommended). As materials, you don't need any more. Just only a small pan, the oven and eventually a cutter.

<p>Very good one, customrobo! I will keep this in mind if I'll have to replace some buttons! ^_^</p>
<p>Thank you! ;)</p>
<p>Oh man, you beat me to a button instructable!<br>I must fix my keys also, good job!</p>
<p>Ooops! ;D</p><p>How were you going to make them?</p>
<p>Im still researching diferent materials and technicques.<br>The origenal buttons is soft rubber, and I thought about looking into the posibility of creating soft ones again.<br>But hard ones might last longer.<br>Ill post an update when I get it done :-)</p>
<p>Well, then i'll wait to see them ;)</p>
<p>Figurati (per quel poco che ho fatto!) :D </p><p>L'ible &egrave; geniale, complimenti!! :)</p>
<p>Prego :) Good instructable!</p>
<p>Grazie ;)</p>
<p>This is very clever!</p>
Thank you.
<p>wouldnt sugru have given u better buttons?</p>
Sugru was one of the materials that I had considered using, but according to what I understand the Sugru is soft enough so I preferred to use fimo that becomes more rigid.

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