Car Seat Computer Chair





Introduction: Car Seat Computer Chair

Pretty basic, i removed the mounting rails on an old ford escort 1995 car seat and cut a plywood to fit the bottom. I screwed it to the frame using the original mounting points for the rails and then fixed this to the bottom part of a broken computer chair.

The seat still reclines, but it is not reccomended since it tips the chair over.



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    Looks great, hope I can achieve similar effects, been thinking of making one for a while now but didn't know how :D

    I did this with a VW Jetta leather seat. It turned out great except my feet don't touch the floor. Turns out the with of the butt cushin is a lot thicker on the VW seat than the office chair was. Did anyone else have this hiccup or did I just pick a bad seat for this mod?

    I'm building one out of Caravan seats and all I'm doing to solve the tipping problem is to make a custom base.

    Too funny! Good luck in the redneck contest, you've got my vote!