Back when I first was driving, my '76 Buick had solid steel bumpers that also worked quite well as battering rams. you could strap or tie anything off to them and even bolt a trailer hitch directly to them without any concern for strength.
    Today both of my cars have bumpers made of plastic and foam blocks. trying to strap or tie off to them involves laying on the ground  and feeling for something solid way back underneath the car. Then you have to figure out how to run the strap or rope up through all that plastic and foam without crushing and cracking any of it.
 Both of my cars have trailer hitches which gives me a good tie off, but what do I do for the front end? And while I'm at it it would be nice not to have to lie down to find a tie off point. 
  in my I'ble https://www.instructables.com/id/easy-way-to-cartop-a-canoe-or-boat/ I mentioned I needed a way to tie the canoe down better than a strap through the car doors. this explains how to set the tie downs up without scratching your paint or, cracking any of the plastic on the ends of the car.
  I added these tie downs to my minivan last year when I needed a way to tie my canoe on the roof without my great canoe carrier on the back end as I was towing a trailer at the same time. Right after I took these pictures we drove 1 hr on the highway with no problems, the canoe was just as secure when we got there as when we left.
   The best part about this is that it is out of sight when not in use, unlike some people I have seen who actually mounted eye-bolts through their bumpers and other parts of the car. With a set of these installed at each door, the hood and trunk you will never run out of good spots to tie off to.

Step 1: Parts/tools

-nylon webbing straps (I used old cargo straps)
-correct size fender washers (this will depend on what diameter bolts they used to put your car together and if they already have washers installed)

old screw driver, awl, or long wire with a handle 
heat source like a propane torch, gas grill, gas stove or lighter.
sockets and ratchet for whatever type and size fasteners your car has.
<p>Nice! :{)</p>
<p>Brilliant. Generous. Simple. Sensible. Reusable. Thank you. More please.</p>
<p>this is incredibly clever. might have to put this on my explorer</p>
<p>Great Idea but not for Australia, the cops will bust you with obstruction of view, all these bullshit laws now days.</p>
This is EXACTLY what I was looking for - Thank you!
I did this same thing to our Honda mini van about a year ago. I put them under the hood and up by the hinges on the rear hatch back door. The only difference in my straps was that I added brass grommets to the burned holes in the webbing. I just happened to have some left over from another project, but I think they make for a more reinforced support.
I wanted the fibers melted together to avoid any fraying weakening the strap. <br>thanks <br>josh
great idea, thank you for sharing
Now I think my car may have minor surgery this weekend... Great idea!
That's genius! I'll have to keep this in mind.

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