Step 3: putting things back together

-put the bolt through the holes in the strap.
-tighten the bolt back into the nut plate in the car, keep the strap pulled in the direction you want it to be when the bolt is tight.
-make sure the loop doesn't get caught on anything when it is folded under out if sight.
-make sure the loop sticks out enough to get your rope or strap through with the hood, trunk or door shut. 
-close the hood, door, or trunk and you are ready to tie off anything you need to.

<p>Nice! :{)</p>
<p>Brilliant. Generous. Simple. Sensible. Reusable. Thank you. More please.</p>
<p>this is incredibly clever. might have to put this on my explorer</p>
<p>Great Idea but not for Australia, the cops will bust you with obstruction of view, all these bullshit laws now days.</p>
This is EXACTLY what I was looking for - Thank you!
I did this same thing to our Honda mini van about a year ago. I put them under the hood and up by the hinges on the rear hatch back door. The only difference in my straps was that I added brass grommets to the burned holes in the webbing. I just happened to have some left over from another project, but I think they make for a more reinforced support.
I wanted the fibers melted together to avoid any fraying weakening the strap. <br>thanks <br>josh
great idea, thank you for sharing
Now I think my car may have minor surgery this weekend... Great idea!
That's genius! I'll have to keep this in mind.

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