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Recently we took a road trip from Utah County to Orange County, California for spring break. I was a little nervous to make the trip with our almost-one-year-old daughter, but planned ahead to make our trip a little easier.

Our little girl is a very wiggly baby and often times loses her patience in her car seat during a 15 minute car ride. However, we made it the whole way only stopping for gas and also lunch in Vegas for 1/2 an hour at a Subway. She never cried, never threw a fit. She didn't even get wiggly until the last 2 minutes of our ride. Here are some things I kept in mind while preparing...

1. We left at 5 AM. Lily slept until 7:30, so by the time she woke up 2 1/2 hours were behind us (as well as some icy roads and a snow storm.) She took her morning and afternoon naps in the car for about an hour each, so she really was only awake for a little more than half of the trip.

2. Since I am only bottle feeding now, I put water in 6 of her bottles and just brought the whole jug of formula. This was very convenient that I didn't have to stop to get water at a gas station every time she needed a bottle.

3. Every time we stopped for gas we got Lily out of the car and let her walk around and threw her up in the air and stuff to help get her wiggles out.

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Step 1: Finger puppets

Picture of Finger puppets
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I went to IKEA and bought finger puppets for just $5 per package of 10.
That was an awesome well thought out trip.. Betting even with the buying things this was cheaper than any other method of travel and you had control of when you stopped and started and what you could take with you.. I like this.
mariemm2343 years ago
I love your ideas and I have been looking for fun magnets for my little one to play with and then I seen yours. I just have to know how you made these magnets. They are exactly what I have been looking for!