Carabiner Key Chain


Introduction: Carabiner Key Chain

Step 1: Carrying Keys on a Carabiner

I carry my keys on a carabiner so I can hook them on my belt loop and from time to time I loose my key off the carabiner seems like a lot could have this problem so I came up with a solution

Step 2: Put Keys on the Carabiner

Put your keys on a carabiner

Step 3: Heat Shrink

Get some heat shrink and a heat source (lighter torch heat gun ) I used a heat gun

Choose the correct side heat shrink

Cut the heat shrink to your desired length might take a couple of cuts

Then slide it in the spring loaded arm that keeps it closed then close the carabiner and slide down over the nonmoving part and heat and then your done

Step 4: Done

And your Done



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    Cool idea. I use the heat shrink tube for many other thing but never would have thought about this. Thanks for sharing!

    I would have never thought to use heat shrink for this. But I love this application! If it ever comes undone it's super easy to reshrink it!