Step 5: Finishing Touches

To make these cupcakes extra gooey (like the caramels weren't enough, haha), I used the back of a fork to make holes in them and then poured in chocolate syrup.  The syrup will be absorbed a bit into the cake and it's just awesome.
I then frosted the cupcakes with chocolate frosting (which covers the hole left from the fork for the chocolate syrup) and added the bacon bits on top.
They were a hit with my friends!
I'd love 2 make them without the Bacon bits tho
<p>You can skip the bacon bits, of course!</p>
ahaan lov it can u plz explain more abt it
They may be simple, but they are divine! This was easy enough to do with the kiddos, and everyone loved them. Great idea, simple and completely awesome. Thanks!
Too Simple<br>
How would you do it? I like to make easy, delicious deserts for my friends and thought other people might like to make them also.

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