Introduction: Caramel Fruit Tart

Hi guys! in this tutorial i'm going to show you how to make a delicious caramel fruit tart , i hope you enjoy it

Step 1: Condensed Milk

Now you're going to start by making the caramel, take a condensed milk can, put it into a casserole pot containing water and put it on medium heat for 1 hour to cook

Step 2: Flour

You need 300g of flour

Step 3: Butter

150g of unsalted butter

Step 4: Eggs

You need room temperature eggs, you're going to use 1 whole egg and 1 egg yolk

Step 5: Bowl

Take a bowl and put the flour, butter in it then add half coffee spoon of salt

Step 6: Rubbing

Start rubbing butter into flour then add 2 tablespoon of granulated sugar and keep rubbing

Step 7: Eggs

Now add eggs and mix them with the mixture

Step 8: Lukewarm Water

Pour 30ml of lukewarm water and mix until you form a dough (you can add a little bit of flour if it came out too runny)

Step 9: Resting the Dough

Cover the dough with a kitchen towel or plastic wrap, put it in the fridge and leave it for 1 hour to rest

Step 10: Toasting Nuts

Take a pan, put 50g of unsalted pistachio, 50g of walnut and put it on low heat with stirring for 5 minutes

Step 11: Grinding Pistachio

Grind the pistachio with a food grinder then put it in a bowl

Step 12: Breaking the Walnuts

Break the walnuts into small pieces using your hands

Step 13: Greasing the Pan

Take a tart pan and grease it with butter

Step 14: Spreading the Dough

Now take the dough and start spreading it on the pan using the palm of your hand until it's even

Step 15: Docking the Dough

Take a fork and start docking the dough (this is to keep the dough from blowing up)

Step 16: Oven

Put the dough in a180°C preheated oven for 30 minutes until it's very lightly browned

Step 17: Fruits

Take a banana, 3 small apples, 2 kiwis and peel them then cut them using a knife

Step 18: Opening the Can

Take the condensed milk can and open it with a can opener or a big knife, now it turned to caramel

Step 19: Filling the Tart Crust

Now gather all your ingredients, start with applying the caramel to the crust evenly then sprinkle half of the ground pistachio over it

Step 20: Decorating the Tart

decorate the tart with circles of chopped fruits

Step 21: Decorating

Sprinkle the remaining ground pistachio on top of the tart and put the walnut pieces in circles and in the center

Step 22: Silver Dragees

Take silver dragees and sprinkle a few on top

Step 23:

And you'r done, Bon Appetit


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