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Introduction: Caramelised Caramel Sticks...

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'Caramelised Caramel Sticks...

Without Caramelised Caramel Sticks, your life isn't complete.

With Caramelised Caramel Sticks, You'll be addicted for life.

With Caramelised Caramel Sticks, You'll be able to taste the sweet taste of heaven

With Caramelised Caramel Sticks, You'll put on a few pounds.'

True words from the Caramelised Caramel Sticks Goddess


But seriously, make these from a 3 simple ingredients, in 3 simple steps and you'll be hooked!


P. S 
To save time and energy, Caramelised Caramel Sticks are now CCS

To save even more time and energy the Caramelised Caramel Sticks Goddess is now the CCSG

Step 1: How to Raid the Kitchen...

'The art of raiding requires you to collect the following... '
 Excerpt from the CCSG's handbook



- 1 1/2 Cups Sugar -

- 1/2 Cup Water 

- 1 tblsp Vinegar - Any type will do...



- Saucepan

- Wooden Spoon - Or other stirring implement

- Baking tray -  Or plate

- Foil 

- Sticks - Can be skewers, lollipop or lolly sticks (I used craft matchsticks)

Step 2: Cook...

Place all the ingredients in the saucepan on a high heat, stirring every now and then.

Take it off the heat when it reaches a golden colour.

Step 3: Pour It Out...

Prepare baking tray or plate by covering it in foil.

Place sticks every 1.5 inches

Pour the mixture over the top quarter of the sticks. (like lollipops)

After 10 - 15 mins, the CCS will set.

Snap the caramel into pieces and hope a distinct area will stay around the stick.


Also, if you have lollipop moulds then great.

You could even buy them

Step 4: Done!!


Now you can eat away!!


Alternate Flavours...

Do post comments including ideas about flavours, such as vanilla, peppermint, lemon, etc


Please post comments with pictures of your Caramels...

Also if you have any problems, suggestions, compliments or even comments , feel free to comment!



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    Silicone is very heat-stable - could you do this in a silicone ice tray as a mould?

    I tried it - and it works fine. And the candy look great (though they don't taste good, the sugar was too brown) Sugar caramelizes at about 180°C, so everything you use to bake should work.

    i think the reason it didnt taste good is cos you left it for too long, the last image on step 2 is when you should take it off

    That was the problem I'm sure. I will try again. One more thing: The finished candy sticked to the silicone tray - next time I will cover them with oil, I read that might help getting the sugar out of the mould.

    It does work ;-) Was very easy to get the candys out of the moulds.

    Tasted great!

    You might find it easier to pour out a strip of candy, then put a stick on top of the strip every inch or so. Give each stick a twist so it buries itself into the candy. You could also just pour another strip over top of it.

    Personally, I wouldn't even use the sticks. I'd just pour it out, let it cool a little, and run a knife through it (before it becomes solid) to thin it out where I wanted it to break. Then after it is completely cooled, you could just break it and suck on it. That's just me though. I don't care for paper sticks in my candy. :D