Step 4: Pour Sauce in Bowl.

Pour some teriyaki sauce in bowl. I started with about 3/4 cup... but I didn't actually measure it.  You can always add more to your bowl, if you need it.
I've never tried it with the Teriyaki...sounds really good! <br> <br>On the Competition BBQ Circuit, we do the brown sugar and spice rub on bacon, smoke until done, and call it Pig Candy. :) <br> <br>Carpe 'Que, <br>Jim Rhino
To REALLY kick up the flavor, you could use granulated maple sugar. Spendy, but delicious!
This is awsome!!, after reading this I noticed i'm now really starving, gonna go cook some caramelised BACON!!!
Hi, lovely bacon ! What temperature do you put the oven on ?<br>
As stated in the first step of the process, 375* F.
Candied Bacon? Yes, please!
This sounds really delicious !
Can the bacon be stored for later use? How long will it last before it has to be eaten? Looks delicious!!!!
Oh, I am starving. Why oh why do I open this site to food everytime? I always find the most amazing recipes on here and this one is a favorite now. I can not wait to try it......... well guess I will, since my car won't start (hoping just the battery). Sigh............
Dude/dudette, this tastes so good it should be illegal
Quick question, how do you make sure there's enough left over for your sandwiches? :D<br><br>Looks delicious! I will definitely have to try this out some time.
I HAVE to nerd out here, so please don't take it as a correction, but more as an information :P<br><br>It's not a caramelization, it's called the maillard reaction, and is a reaction between the amino acids in the bacon, and the sugars you add.<br><br>It's the same reaction that happens on baked goods with a golden crust, where the reaction can be between the gluten/proteins in the flour, or the eggwash, and the starch.<br><br>Pretzels are often boiled in a sodabath before baking, which makes the surface of the bread more reactive to the process, because of soda's alkaline properties.<br><br>So you can speed up the maillard reaction even more with baking soda, but not so often you really need to :)
Wow looks delicious
You just blew my mind. Well done.
Yes, I love teriyaki pineapple burgers, but I've never tried them with bacon!

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