SAL Carbine

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Introduction: SAL Carbine

Okay so lots of people wanted me to post full instructions for this, but the little time I have would be better spent on more innovative things. Therefore, I took a bunch of photos and hope that they will suffice. I reccomend that only advanced builders attempt this. 

I haven't included any stats for a number of reasons. Firstly, this is not a battle rifle, and should not be treated as one. The BR18 is an exceptional battle rifle, and nothing else. This is a rifle for fun, and nothing else. It was built mainly for its aesthetics to be honest, but it shoots well nonetheless, and the removable mag works too.

In the future, I am thinking of one more gun, then moving away from weaponry, perhaps revisiting my Juggernaut and Phantom series.

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    Nice one Lowney =D Is that a 6-layered handle?

    Five ;)

    Looked like 6 in the pic =D 5 layered handles dont bother me I have big hands.

    Yea it is 5. It looked like 6 from the pic.

    It does, for some reason. The one I'm working on is seven :P

    huuuuuuh when are you going to post

    Please don't post questions that I have already answered in the description.

    kthanxbai =]

    I hope you realize the name is a total contradiction of itself. A carbine is a weapon shorter than a typical rifle. For example, the M4 compared to the M16.