i made this in response to "cardboard armor", posted by rachel. the front of the helmet was inspired by "nazgul mask for $15-20" posted by Drakz. it isn't perfect, and any suggestion is appreciated. i painted this black for halloween a year back.

Step 1: Helm

since the armor is already made, i will only show what it looks like, rather than how i made it. to make it i used a box cutter and packing tape (the clear, really sticky kind in case you have no idea what im talking about). the cover over the face is non-slip drawer/cabinet liners (rubber or silicon, not sure what). the helm itself is made of four pieces of cardboard, the three smaller ones being the top of the helm
<p>Black ducttape might give it a nice shiny black look, plus the tape will make it alot tougher / more durable;)</p>
<p>nice umm... i dont know</p>
a armoured skirt is called a tasset
&nbsp;The mask looks like the mask that Butters uses as Professor Chaos in South Park. Except without the face covering thing. Cool armor
&nbsp;its good but you could have made a sword with it<br /> <br />
The helm looks like a duct tape master chief.
This is awesome! I am going to have a battle with cardboard tommorows. My cardboard armor i made is awesome, I also made a big shield and a cardboard sword that leaves welts! Thank you for giving me some ideas for my armor. I might post some pics soon.
Nice Cy, remember when we did that battle at your house and you wore that? That was fun.
Thats pretty pimp.
snap! great ideas for mine!
cool armor i think i will make some cardboard armor myself
this is great!
nice! I remember a few years ago, a friend and I spent an evening transforming some old boxes into something similar to this... then we made shields, and wooden swords... hah, we were amused all night long :D
That's awesome!<br/>You should add it to the <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/group/halloween08">DIYHalloween 2008</a> contest group.<br/>

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