Picture of Carboard Ukulele Stand
This Instructable will show you how to make a Cardboard Ukulele Stand in order to show off your Ukulele.  It can be used with pretty much any Ukulele with a standard body shape, but was originally designed to go with a Cardboard Ukulele.  This project is really quick... not including glue drying time, it should only take about 20 minutes.
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Step 1: Supplies...

Corrugated Cardboard
Glue (I don't recommend super glue, but wood glue, paper glue, epoxy will all work)

Sharp blade

Step 2: Measure Uke....

Picture of Measure Uke....
Measure the depth of the body of the ukulele that you are making the stand for.  Multiply this number by 1.5.  This will be the width of the notch in the stand.  In the figure below, I am measuring the depth of my uke to be 2 3/8 inches.  The notch in my stand should be 3 9/16 inches.

Step 3: Template....

Picture of Template....
Attached is a word document that has the template for the stand pieces.  I will attach a PDF of this template when I have a chance to convert it at work. 

*** Update 2/18/13 - Apparently, instructables doesn't like *.doc files anymore!  I've attached the template with a TXT file extension.  Download it as a TXT and change the file extension to .DOC before trying to open.  Now that I know this is a problem I will really try to convert the file to a PDF.  Sorry for the inconvenience!  ***

Scale the template so that the width of the notch measures the number you calculated in the previous step.  For me, that was 3 9/16 inches. 

Print out the template and reinforce it with some thin cardboard.  Cut out the template using a sharp blade.

Step 4: Trace and cutout...

Picture of Trace and cutout...
Trace the template onto your corrugated cardboard.   You'll need a total of 6 pieces.  I like to mix up the orientations to make sure that is has strength in all directions.

Cutout all of the pieces using a sharp blade.

Step 5: Measure thickness...

Picture of Measure thickness...
Stack 3 of the pieces and measure the thickness of the stack.  In the picture, the thickness of my stack of cardboard is 5/16 inch.
javieraaybarb7 months ago

Does this design work for guitars if you make it in a larger scale?

Yes, it can work for a guitar with some modification. The main thing I would worry about is that a guitar weighs a lot more than a ukelele and has a considerably higher center of gravity. Therefore, you will want your stand to be a lot larger and a lot heavier.

karateed2 years ago

It seems the link is not working to the it possible to look into that?

eplunkett (author)  karateed2 years ago
I've got a temporary fix for the template link... I think instructables suddenly stopped supporting .doc files. I've got instructions posted for the work around.

Hi Eplunket,

That would be awesome. btw, I'm building your cardboard uke at the moment. I did the template thing a bit different. I glued a bunch of rectangular cardboard together then traced the body B template and used the band saw to cut of the outside bits and a scroll saw to cut off the middle bits. I've made it a bit too wide but don't think it will be a problem. The little over 2", is that with the back on or off?

Thanks for your replies....

Penny2 years ago
Template link does not appear to work - I get a 'forbidden by administrator' message when I try to view or download.
wishes3 years ago
The simplicity and brilliance of design are amazingly awesome. Design can be scaled up for larger ukes nicely (though it needs an A3 sized template).
This design should also work well with wood, and can be adapted to be fairly ornate if you were keen also :)
Holy awesome! Me and my aunts boyfriend are working on the actual cardboard uke, but this will have to be our next project! Btw, I have the same uke as you (Lanikai Soprano right?)! Thanks for sharing this looks awesome.
eplunkett (author)  thomasthetankengine3 years ago
That's sweet that you guys are building a uke! Thus stand takes almost no time, you guys could whip it out while you guys are waiting for some glue to dry. Be sure to post pics when you're done!
Do you want me to PM them to you? I have all of the body parts down, just need to finish the neck and then glue everything. What's your fav song on uke? I want to learn Hey Soul Sister, as I know the lead singer of the band, but it's not the best song for a beginner ;(
eplunkett (author)  thomasthetankengine3 years ago
You can Pm me or just post your pics as a comment. I've gotten a few posts already with finished ukes and they look good! I think the holiday gave folks some extra time for projects.
BTW, he makes cigar box guitars, and he gave me one thats unfinished. I will have to stain it and put all of the knobs and stuff on it ;)
freeza363 years ago
The only problem behing i have next to no cardboard. (above)
freeza363 years ago
This is cool. I had never thought to use cardboard as a building material. The one i have is scrap wood and duct tape.
eplunkett (author)  freeza363 years ago
I think it's just a matter of building with what you've got. :)
Yeah. I plan to build your cardboard uke, to give to my grandpa for christmas. He is into guitar, and appreciates anything string instrument related.