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Introduction: Carbon Fiber Clipboard

About: I'm a bored engineer looking for cool projects to build.

I work for a company that makes composite parts for the aerospace industry.  Every so often I come across laminates made from carbon fiber or fiberglass.  I felt like it was a shame to let these pieces go to waste, so I started looking for a practical project that I would impress my friends and that I could use everyday.  A friend suggested that I make a carbon fiber clipboard and we got to work on it.  

This may be one of the most indestructable clipboards ever made.  The board is made from a 1/16" thick piece of carbon fiber.  As you can see in the last picture, that was thick enough to support my entire body weight.  Instead of riveting the clip onto the board like you usually see, I decided to use an aerospace grade film adhesive to attach it.  I'm pretty sure the clip will break before the adhesive fails.

*** Because I work in the aerospace industry, some of the materials used in this project may not be as readily available for others as they were for me.***

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    is there a way for a consumer to attain the adhesive tape you mentioned?

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    It's not really an adhesive tape but a film adhesive that cures at 250 F (Scotchweld). That being said, I'm sure that there are some commercially available adhesives out there that would hold pretty well. Just make sure to prep both the clipboard surface and clip very well to promote good adhesion.

    Are you selling any?

    that is something that really made my friday+weekend. You sir are not going to suffer when a solar flare hits the earth

    I like to make sure my clipboards are nice and strong. This is a clipboard fit for a king.

    Do you know where I could get my hands on some carbon fiber sheets? I tried looking online, but all I could come across were little sheets with an adhesive on the back.

    Awesome project and thanks for sharing!


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    One or two people on this site have published on making carbon fiber bicycle frames. They gave a pretty detailed description of where to get supplies and how to lay up the carbon fiber. If you have a nice flat surface to work on, you could probably lay up your own.

    Like Phil suggests, I think your best option would be to start with prepreg and lay up your own sheet of carbon fiber. Lay down several layers on a nice flat surface and be sure to leave enough room to get a nice, clean trim line. Make sure to wet sand the edges when you are done or you will get some nasty graphite splinters