Carbon Fiber Deadmau5 Head - As close as it gets to the real deal

Created a deadmau5 head using real carbon fiber. I will soon do an instructable on this whole process.


Sooooo where's the instructable on the whole process?

Tedioum3 months ago

where do you get the carbon fiber?

dguerrero711 months ago
are you adding the steps before halloween?
are you adding the steps soon?
You better make the tut soon because I really want to make this for halloween!!
This is amazing! I love carbon fibre, but it's expensive.. How much did it end up costing? I may do something kinda like this.
Gostin1 year ago
This looks great! Can't wait for the instrucatble.
where did you get the carbon fiber sphere? and what did you use for the ears?
Unde4dmau51 year ago
Amazing recreation! Can't wait for the instructable!
Looking forward to the full Instructable. Deadmau5 projects gets a TON of hits !