Created a deadmau5 head using real carbon fiber. I will soon do an instructable on this whole process.

<p>SUUUUPPERRR NICE of you to show us how awesome this is. and fail to leave the instuctable an-OMG PLEASE SIR THAT IS AMAZING WHY IS THERE A LACK OF INSTRUCTIONS AGGHHH</p>
<p>Sooooo where's the instructable on the whole process?</p>
<p>where do you get the carbon fiber?</p>
are you adding the steps before halloween?
are you adding the steps soon?
You better make the tut soon because I really want to make this for halloween!!
This is amazing! I love carbon fibre, but it's expensive.. How much did it end up costing? I may do something kinda like this.
This looks great! Can't wait for the instrucatble.
where did you get the carbon fiber sphere? and what did you use for the ears? <br>
Amazing recreation! Can't wait for the instructable!
Looking forward to the full Instructable. Deadmau5 projects gets a TON of hits !

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