Picture of Carbon Fiber / Wood Skateboards
13, 3:14 PM.jpg
These two skate boards were done differently. The first one (bunny board) was placed in a home made steamer and vice to warp and add concave to the board. Than 2 layers of carbon fiber was placed on the wood once it was completely dry. After the epoxy was dried I sanded the board down and added the design.
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Step 1: Ph822 Logo Board

Picture of Ph822 Logo Board
13, 3:14 PM.jpg
This board was plied on a vice with a concave shape and then cut and sanded for shape. I than applied 2 layers of carbon fiber and the design on the bottom was 100% original.

Step 2: Grip Tape

Picture of Grip Tape
13, 3:19 PM.jpg
Grip tape was purchased on eBay. One was clear and the other is black.