Introduction: Carbon Steel Shirasaya Straight Tanto-ish Machete With Hardwood Handle

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Heya guys! This is my Shirasaya Straight Bladed Tanto-ish machete. I'm really proud of this one, I can honestly say that this is one of my better works so far.

I made the blade using a carbon steel plate I bought at a steel shop. I cut it to shape, smooth out any rough, uneven parts using an angle grinder, put an edge on the steel, and heat treat the steel in my charcoal forge. Its very tough, durable, and hard to break. The tip, in particular, is very tough and durable because I spent a lot of time in heat treating it. The handle was made out of teak hardwood, bolted together.



Berkin (author)2009-04-27

Very cool. It looks like a lot of work went into that. Say, remember my idea of a flaming blade? You could have a butane tank connected to the handle, and the discharge tube at the base of the exposed blade. Then you could turn on the butane flow and light the blade. :D

Camisado (author)Berkin2009-04-27

Thanks! Yep, a crapload of work did went into this thing :-P Hmm, that might work somehow, but I haven't tried it yet.

AJMansfield (author)Camisado2013-02-14

One way to build that would be to get some steel sheeting, and bend it over a small-diameter rod and forge weld it to itself, and seal off one end, to leave a narrow tube up the spine of the blade. Then you drill small holes into the spine up along the length of the blade, which flame jets will come out of after you connect up the mixer and supply to the bottom of the handle, open the valve, and light the blade.

Muscelz (author)2009-07-30

Here is my Sword, made out of a old harvester chopper blade, not to sure what sorta steel it is but its damn hard to work with, dulls files pretty easily :/ it took 1day of my time equipment used: 100amp Plasma Cutter Milling Machine 320amp Mig 10" Bench Grinder Linishing Belt / Grinder a bucket of stump oil to cool it down in lol I've got a handle to fix up yet and heat treating to do, but its been sitting in my room like that 3/4 done for about 6months now. after i get the tang fixed up im going to get it sent away to get it case hardened :)

The Metal One (author)Muscelz2011-06-22

that would be high-carbon cutting steel, the same stuff your files are made of. that would explain the non-workability. try annealing this kinda steel before you work with it again, then reharden it.

Camisado (author)Muscelz2009-07-30

Very nice sword you got there! Nice work!

Muscelz (author)Muscelz2009-07-30

and thats my Silicon Carbide bench 108 stone which i used to get a good edge on it to see if it could hold a edge for long, which i did. still razor sharp

Muscelz (author)Muscelz2009-07-30

just about a meter long btw to

Portalman (author)2010-11-24

ok, kamas and sickles are two diffirent things. sickles are curved. kamas are not.

average joe 1999 (author)2010-10-17

i make knives like this. i suggest using a fairly sharp saw-zaw blade and sharpening the back for a nice sawknife.

An Villain (author)2010-04-13

wasn't this made by Ismelda Marcos or whatever his name was, or are you the same person?

Camisado (author)An Villain2010-04-21

Same person.

An Villain (author)Camisado2010-04-22

were you banned or did your account break down or something.

Camisado (author)An Villain2010-04-23


An Villain (author)Camisado2010-04-23

I liked your old name better, and quasimado is spelled with a qu not a c.

Camisado (author)An Villain2010-04-23

Before telling me that my spelling is wrong, you should research about my name first. "Camisado" is a military term that's used to refer to surprise attacks that occurs at night or daybreak. In short, my username, "Camisado", has nothing to do with this "quasimado" thing you speak of.

An Villain (author)Camisado2010-04-23

I just did not think you would think that deeply.

Camisado (author)An Villain2010-04-23

Well, you thought wrong, and failed at the same time.

An Villain (author)Camisado2010-04-24

*Raises eyebrow*

crack_shot_556 (author)2009-11-04

 dude, u got serious skills. that thing looks like something out of a movie.

Camisado (author)crack_shot_5562009-11-14

Thanks for the compliment!

Freerunner (author)2009-09-14

Dude, Nice looks just like a Samurai Tanto!

Camisado (author)Freerunner2009-09-15

Thanks! But this doesn't look anything like a samurai tanto. I kinda based it off of that, but no, a genuine tanto made by an experienced blacksmith is much better than this. Thanks for the compliment though, glad you liked my work.

asoos1 (author)2009-06-10

Yes, as in your last post. Any type of metal can be cut, ground and shaped into an edge. But its still a fancy lookin' shank. Have you seen a knife edge? Nice work with the handle though, if made for small hands.

Camisado (author)asoos12009-06-10


PKTraceur (author)2009-05-09

As you said, you have a forge, so what would you think of a sand-casted aluminium handle? You could easily sand/file it down to your hand size. -PKT

PKTraceur (author)PKTraceur2009-05-09

How thick is your blade? -PKT

Camisado (author)PKTraceur2009-05-09

I'm to lazy to measure the thickness, so I'll say about a tad bit thicker than a kitchen knife.

PKTraceur (author)Camisado2009-05-09

So, <1/8 in thick? -PKT

PKTraceur (author)PKTraceur2009-05-09

Also, can you teach me some basic HTH with, say, a small kurki? (Im planning on making one, once I perfect my forge. Tips?) -PKT

Camisado (author)PKTraceur2009-05-09

Hand to hand combat, you mean? Well, the khukri has that curve on the blade with the tip pointed down, right? Utilize that fully. A smack with the curved khukri tip can be deadlier than a normal slice, because it will deeply bury itself into your opponent's flesh. Search for some khukri technique vids on YouTube, and when you've done that, try searching for kama (sickle) techniques. Believe it or not that curve on a khukri kinda makes it possible to utilize some kama techniques with it, especially if the curve is deep and the blade is not too big.

PKTraceur (author)Camisado2009-05-09

A kukri blade has a hard, tempered edge and a softer spine. This enables it to maintain a sharp edge, yet tolerate impacts. They are also balanced so that they will rest in a vertical position if supported on a fulcrum, e.g. a finger.'

How can I replicate that in a khukri made from a (rusted) lawnmower blade? The blade is approx. 2.5 ft long, 2-3 in. across. In a forge, how can I heat on end of the blade but not the other? (Meet in the chatroom, it'll be easier.)


PKTraceur (author)PKTraceur2009-05-09

How can I curve the blade like that? -PKT

Camisado (author)PKTraceur2009-05-09

Clay quenching, which is kinda hard (I can't even do it), hammering the blade while it's still hot red from forging, or the easiest way, rough cut the shape using a coping saw and heat treat the blade.

Camisado (author)PKTraceur2009-05-09

Well, you don't exactly have to make it 100% like that, the hard, tempered edge is good, but I personally don't like knives with soft spines. Just heat treat the whole blade all the way and water quench it, trust me, it'll turn out really good. If you want to heat one end of the blade but not the other, use forging tongs. Tongs are a forger's best friend, it allows you to control the steel if you're forging on a big forge. There's an I'ble on how to make tongs if you're interested.

Camisado (author)PKTraceur2009-05-09

Yeah, probably...

Camisado (author)PKTraceur2009-05-09

A sand-casted aluminum handle sound really cool, but I'm afraid I don't have any aluminum at the time. To tell you the truth, most of my blades have steel handles, but I used wood for this one because I was going for that 'traditional' look.

27723773 (author)2009-04-26

have you thought about hemp for a handle? its really comfortable, and all you need is about 5 yards or meters (about $.75) and you put hot glue on the place where the handle is, wrap it up, and tie with a bowline!

Camisado (author)277237732009-04-26

A hemp handlewrap is pretty cool. I'll try to search for some hemp in my hardware store.

KentsOkay (author)2009-04-25

Way cool! YOu have inspired me to make something :D

Camisado (author)KentsOkay2009-04-25

Thanks, RS!

goeon (author)2009-04-25

5 stared faved :D

Camisado (author)goeon2009-04-25

Thanks, goe!

DJ Radio (author)2009-04-25


Camisado (author)DJ Radio2009-04-25

Thanks DJ! I'll post a slideshow of some of my better homemade blades soon!

Holden_vy_s (author)2009-04-25

The handle looks a bit uncomfortable and dull, maybe you could Dremel some finger grooves and stain the timber for aesthetics. Nice blade though.

Camisado (author)Holden_vy_s2009-04-25

Thanks, for both your compliment on the blade and your criticism on the handle. I agree with you, the handle is kinda plain and dull, but its surprisingly comfortable. I might dremel some finger grooves, but I actually like the handle being plain.

Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)2009-04-24

Wow, that is insane! Very high quality, good job.

Camisado (author)Spl1nt3rC3ll2009-04-24

Thank you very much! The quality is pretty good, I can honestly say this is one of my best blades. Thanks again, I appreciate your comment!

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