Carbon Arc Lamp Without a Transformer


Introduction: Carbon Arc Lamp Without a Transformer

I was facinated by arc lights but never got a transformer and commercial arc lamps out of my budget.So I decided to go for 220 v 5 amp current.And voila it worked .It isnt complicated and all the materials needed can be found at home.please vote for me.

Step 1: What I Am Imitating

this is a simple version of an arc lamp which costs $66(E-Bay) and my version costs $0.76.

Step 2: Materials Needed

this needs only needs 3 materials
2.the plug(electric)
3.carbon electrodes.I got mine from a mechanical pencil preferabelly less than 1 mm in diameter.
And of course the wall socket output 

Step 3: How to Do It

loop the wire as in the picture so that it can hold the graphite
connect the wires to the plug
fix the wires to the graphite
switch on the current and you are done.

Step 4: How to Use It

one the current is switced on bring the carbon electrode should see a bright spark.and enjoy

Step 5: Precautions

this jig creates a lot light so adequately shield your eyes with a uv protecting sunglass or a welders mask.have fun and be safe



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