The incredible ISI Whip can do more than just nitrogenate… it can carbonate as well! Using a CO2 or “soda” charger you can carbonate liquids or foods that very a very high water content.  (melons, grapes, tomatoes, strawberries, citruses, pineapples, etc…)

Carbonated Fruit Salad


8 watermelon balls

8 cantaloupe balls

8 honeydew balls

10 grapes

1 CO2 charger


Place fruit in ISI Whip canister, give it a CO2 charge, wait 30 seconds and presto…. carbonated fruit!
Serve soon... like any carbonated drink, if you leave it out long enough it'll lose it's carbonation.

Conclusion: I’m not a fan of carbonated cucumbers. Although they are in the picture above, I would recommend leaving them out and replacing with other high water content fruits.

More recipes at http://breakingtheculinarymold.wordpress.com/2011/07/01/carbonated-fruit-salad/

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