Carbonating: The Cheap and Easy Way

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Have you ever wanted to make your own carbonated beverages such as soda and carbonated water? Well, I have. However, after doing a lot of research I realized that the carbonation machines you can buy cost hundreds of dollars. But then I found this way of doing it. It costs very little and can be made with stuff found around the house. It's great for making homemade sodas, seltzer water, and even re-carbonating flat beverages. I even tried carbonating chocolate milk... it was pretty interesting but not bad. :D

WARNING: BE CAREFUL! If you use too much vinegar and baking soda, it could blow up and make a huge mess in your kitchen, or worse... injure you. It happened to me (not the injury, but the explosion). I can assure you, it is not fun to clean up. This is high pressure stuff you are working with. So, please consider safety glasses and doing this outside on your first couple tries. Please don't hold me responsible for the mess in your kitchen if it does explode.

Sorry about the crappy video.

See The Video Here

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

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You Will Need:

2 PLASTIC Bottles (preferably 20oz) With Caps
3 ft. (aprox.) of tubing, fish aquarium size
Drill Bit a little bit smaller than the tubing
Funnel (forgot to put it in the pic)
Toilet Paper... Yes Toilet Paper
Baking Soda
Liquid You Want Carbonated

Note: Don't Use Glass Bottles, They Could Explode.
grammasandie5 months ago

this was really good video work and excellent instruction detail; however; toilet tissue---I do not think I will ever drink soda's ever again unless you tell me one simply uses the tissue to shake the baking soda into the vinegar..... in that case why can't you just use a measuring spoon and a funnel....?

krer5 months ago

To avoid the vinegar taste, use vitamin C or lemon juice for your acid.

caplaon1 year ago

Hello! I just tried this carbonating process and successfully done it, but how do I eliminate the smell and taste of the vinegar? By the way i used purified drinking water.

BabeGirl caplaon12 months ago

Usely if you use vinegar in a recipe for a smoother less bitter taste lemon juice will work just as good and it's an ingredient used in making 7up & sprite.

jtmax241 year ago
Can't watch video from my phone. that really sucks since I rarely turn on my netbook/laptop any more.
3windstars1 year ago

Looks like this is working for most of you, but we've tried everything we can figure out and none of the CO2 is staying in the drink. As soon as we begin to open the drink container (yes, with the tube pinched tightly), all of it violently bubbles immediately--not spewing out like when you shake a soda bottle, but big bubbles like it's boiling. There's nothing left by the time we can get it to our mouths. We live at 3000ft elevation, so I know that will have some effect, but it seems like SOME of it should stay in solution. We've tried the diffuser trick, we've tried adding more and less baking soda...any help out there?

j1,661 year ago
best seltzer water ive ever tasted. we put around half a bottle of vinegar and 2 tbs of baking soda and it becomes hard for it not to fizz over when we open it thnx man!!
bengus5 years ago
 nice work man . but the final product taste and smells of vinegar ..i hope that should be some alternative solution.. 
you can use alka selzer tablets and water instead or the effervessant vitimin tablets and water
Does this really fizz up as much as what is described above?
i heard a co2 gennie that uses yeast
DooMer10 bengus5 years ago
you can use lemon juice maybe
Hmm not when I use it :/
macmari2 years ago
I tried the same thing! The difference was that I cut a napkin into quarters and used one quarter of a napkin instead of toilet paper. I also lacked the tube and used straws. It was rather hard, but, I did the same thing.

The experiment worked great! Thank you so much for posting this!
knexfreak323 years ago
Needle nose pliers would help ( I always use then for pulling tubing through)
gbuickus3 years ago
Nice write-up.

I'm thinking that a diffuser at the end of the tube would help the CO2 into the water a bit more effectively. I accomplished this without any extra cash spent on fancy ceramic diffusers by just plugging the end of the tube and poking several holes along its length (near the end) with a small needle. Smaller bubbles should let the CO2 be absorbed more easily.

...if it's anything like ozone, I haven't tried this project yet, but the diffuser (holes poked into the tube) works very well on my water ozonater (purifier).

Second idea, is to use citric acid instead of vinegar; in powder form. Put small amounts of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate into one bottle with the short tube protrusion, water into the other bottle with the length of tube. Squeeze the bottle of water, forcing the water through the tube into the powdered mix, creating CO2 (see Alka-Seltzer). This way there's no toilet paper and no rush to screw caps on. Just off the top of my head, may be a terrible idea. :)

Third one is this: a small "pressure relief" hole cut into the lid of the bottle with the water. My thinking is that this eliminates risk of explosion (you are creating a pressure vessel after all, see pipe-bomb) as well as allowing more CO2 to be bubbled through the beverage as its flow is no longer restricted by equal pressure on the side with the water. Realize that in two closed vessels, once pressure is equal, there's no more flow between them.

Hope I could help. Third suggestion is a very strong recommendation on my part, I don't want to read an Instructable on how to remove plastic shrapnel. :)

P.S. - I did not read every comment, if any of this has been previously suggested, please disregard. Except for the good parts.
Good suggestions. I liked how you improved on the writers idea without trashing him. Your third suggestion was pretty funny too.
vov35 gbuickus3 years ago
Third suggestion is not a great idea as the CO2 needs the higher pressure to dissolve more fully. Maybe if you devised some sort of blow-off safety valve it would be better.

Citric acid is good, and diffuser is brilliant!
vov353 years ago
It's crucial to note that this should be done with SODA bottles only, and not other types. Soda bottles are designed to withstand the pressure from the co2 escaping the soda, and have been safely taken up to 150 psi. Regular water bottles could potentially fail, as could other plastic containers that somebody could try.
bubbachr4 years ago
how do you eliminate the taste of vinegar?
You should get similar results with citric acid and baking soda (Alka-Seltzer). No vinegar, no smell or taste.
beehard444 years ago
what about putting sodium bicarbonate in ice tea? It has citric acid, theoretically it should work, removing the need for a second bottle
I think: The reaction of the Baking Soda with the acid leaves you with CO2, H2O and Na (Sodium). So you get the carbonation that you want, but with the extra Sodium, I'm not sure if it'd be good to drink too much of that. Sure, there's Sodium in sports drinks but you're not advised to drink those all the time.

It may be safe, though. I haven't really put much effort into looking up the effects of drinking alkaline metals. :)
you can find this tubing in CRT monitor
Umm... you realise just how bad of an idea that sounds?

No. Tubing costs $0.70 a meter if that in Australia, jsut buy it.
Oh, yeah! Today i found it on market place. Some people were selling some tubes and i asked them do you have some transparent and smaller, and they had it! I had i don't want to buy it now but when i will be having money, maybe tommorow. He ignored my question and asked me: "How much long", i said "about 2 meters is enough" and he gave it to me for free!
nclarke4 years ago
Pause the video at 2:07 xD
awent04284 years ago
It worked! but it blew up on me!
imaxb64 years ago
i tryed it and it worked perfect
bubbachr4 years ago
ware did you learn to do this
mkambas5 years ago

thx very much for this instructable.
i tested it, it works, and it's quite handy. i've assembled the tools in a box and labeled it "Carbonator."

there's only one thing i would change:

toilet paper doesn't work for me. it disintegrates easily in the water and when shaken it can clog the tube.

since the goal is to add the baking soda all at once, you may wanna use
1. either stronger paper (wax, parchment, plastic) leaving one end open. however, this still is a single-use method, or

2. place the b/soda in a small, open-ended container* (smaller than the bottle neck) and add it to the vinegar all at once. this multi-use method eliminates the need for paper altogether.

*an "open-ended container" can be a marker top, a short cigar tube, an empty BIC pen (remove ink cartridge, leave top on), a piece of hose with a cork on one end, or any similar object.

"when shaken it can clog the tube"

Swirl it then. You don't want vinegar anywhere near the tubing otherwise it might squirt into your drink.
alester3335 years ago
 What were your costs for a liter bottle?
Do you mean all up costs to produce this, and then a litre of water?

Lets say $0.33 of tube, $1 for a cheap, no-named soda (not hard to get for free, empty.. C'mon.), the bi-carb - $4.00 for a 250gram box (can get for much cheaper) and $1 for 2 litre bottle of vinegar.

+ flavouring.

ASCAS4 years ago
I replaced the toilet paper with sandwitch plastic.
Lance Mt. ASCAS4 years ago
Interesting, why?
Evan6064 years ago
So OP or anyone who's tried this, does this drink taste like vinegar from the gas or no?
TechDante4 years ago
nice instruction. one note tho in your vid you should have removed all the air from the water bottleso that you could have the maximum amount of CO2 for carbination. other than that it works fine
good....but i want to use it for 2 days and i want to bring it to school i dont want to bring tube to school can i swotch cap with a hole with another cap so that co2 doesn't escape!
I tried this last week and guess what?...I died! That's right, I died!(I typed this beforehand) So you may want to include something like, "DO NOT SUBSTITUTE INGREDIENTS, OR YOU COULD GET REALLY HURT! and stuff. I did everything exactly like you said except, we were out of baking soda so I used the next best thing...aluminum foil. And my mom wasn't too crazy about me wasting her, retirement vinegar" "just to carbonate a bowl of split pea n ham soup that dit'n even have no croutons in it, no how!" She said it probably wouldn't taste right no matter how fizzy it was. Anyway, the closest thing to vinegar we had was Muriatic acid, so I figured I would just use more to compensate for the substitution (you know the old, "molar mass" dealy). Everything else I did exactly the same. Anyway, I think I died doing it this way. (I don't know for sure because I think I was too dead to remember) So I just wanted everyone who was thinking of doing it the way I did, to, "NOT DO IT THE WAY I DID" IT MIGHT NOT WORK very well! If you don't have the right ingredients you should probably wait until you get them. Other than the fact that I died the first time I tried it, it was an awesome ible. Killer chemistry.
Did you really die??
I'm not sure if I died or not; My mom says that I probably didn't, but, it felt like it kind of. But I don't know if you can feel anything when you're dead, so I'm not sure exactly.
how do we know were all not dead right now????? You never know we might be!!!
Well, there's this ad for a program on discovery about spontaneous human combustion. It's actually creepy if you think about it.
D: omg seriously? awsome i wanna spontaniously combust :D :D XD XD
Then lighten up and see if it works.
I dont !
Har-har, but flawed logic. Muriatic acid is Hydrochloric Acid/HCl and when mixed with aluminium, creates hydrogen gas and aluminium chloride. However, when you add baking soda to the equation, Acid + Sodium Bicarbonate > Sodium Chloride + Water + Carbon Dioxide You get salt, carbon dioxide and whatever that is left of your aluminium. So when you have everything in a bottle, unless you were doing it over a stove, the hydrogen was nothing but a gas expanding in it. The cap probably flew off and hit you in your face, the bottle most likely exploded, but that's about as bad as what a now salt water and aluminium mixture could do. I don't think anyone would use HCL to replace vinegar, anyway. And who would run out of toilet paper?
E=MC Hammer;

I didn't have baking soda, that's Y solving for X could be considered flawed logic as well. But, your comment does bring to the surface an important question that I'm most certain could prove more difficult to solve than Fermat's last theorem or any of Einstein's theories (relatively); Indeed, who would run out of toilet paper?
 Maybe s/he used a big bottle, so the pressure was really really high and the popping bottle killed them. Maybe they were smoking and ignited the H2 and got blown up. Or maybe the scalding of the HCl burned off all their skin, and they died of blood loss.
if you mixed tin foil with muratic acid it will make hydrogen and chlorine gas. which chlorine in EXTREMELY POISONOUS !!!!! and hydrogen is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE!!!!!
i heard somewheere that chlorine dissolves the inside of your lungs making you drownd in your own boddily fluids,not only that but it stings the eyes like hell in purer forms
Chlorine might sting your eyes, but so does sea water. Chlorine could make you cough blood, but breathing salty water might make you cough pure salt. Think twice. There is a reason why it is in your drinking water and swimming pools.
when its in swimming pools and water though,it is extremely deluted, and has a different chemical name, pure chlorine is actualley a gas,and how are you going to dissovle that much chlorine into a pool or water without dying? suits maybe,but you see the point, the stuff they use in pools and water are different then gasious chlorine, which is our subject. and 1.Who the hell is going to breath in pure saltwater? 2.Bathroom soap may sting your eyes but cyanide will also sting them, so just because they have a near - same effect dosnt mean there close to the same and 3.Brush up on your chemistry
why do you post that on so many instructables?
...that wouldn't work at all... the whole reason this reaction works is because: HC2H3O2 + NaHCO3 --> H2CO3 + NaC2H3O2 but, carbonic acid immediately decomposes to H2O and CO2 due to instability under standard conditions. Which is why this is perfectly safe... I don't know why you thought aluminum would be a good substitute for the bicarbonate ion, but it would only make for a single replacement reaction that wouldnt give you what you wanted.
Your telling me it wasn't what I wanted, it tasted like you know what. Plus, my parakeet that was in the room when I did it started coughing(kind of sounded like/ or wheezing). Anyway, I don't know what I made but, like I said, it was undrinkable to everyone but my brother and he's kind of got a screw loose.
why in toilet paper?
to sthealthraider:

"why in toilet paper?"
because carbonation begins the moment the baking soda is added to the vinegar. if the baking soda is added gradually, your vinegar bottle will overflow before you have a chance to add all the baking soda and replace the lid.

since toilet paper disintegrates quickly but not instantly, the entire quantity of baking soda can be added at once. this gives you just enough time to replace the lid.

however, the "toilet paper method" presents other problems. see my comment below for alternative paper types and methods.
good luck!
cheeseplus7 years ago
with regards to the amount of carbonation, we should be able figure out the "correct" amount.
commercial seltzer bottles use 8 grams of CO2 for a liter of water. so, how much baking soda and vinegar is needed to produce 8 grams of CO2? its been a while since my high school chemistry, so let me know if this makes sense.
CO2 weighs 44g/mole. so we need to make 0.182 moles of CO2.
and the equation is
which means, i think, we need 0.182 moles of baking soda and 0.182 moles of acetic acid to make 0.182 moles of CO2. by weight, thats:
15.3 grams of baking soda and 10.9 grams of acetic acid.
I'd say thats about 1 tablespoon of baking soda.
lets assume vinegar is 5% acetic acid, so we'd need 218 grams of vinegar, or a little less than one cup.
does that all sound correct?
is this economical? lets say 32oz of vinegar is $1.50, and a tablespoon of baking soda cant be more than a few cents, so 40 cents per 8grams of CO2. slightly better than the 60 cents to a dollar that the CO2 cartridges cost, not to mention the $60+ you've saved by not buying a seltzer bottle.
environmentally, now you're paying to bottle and ship vinegar rather than water, but at least the scale is less. But maybe citric acid is better in this regard? I dont know what the price is.
acetic acid is CH3COOH, not HOOCCH3.
 Aha. But its the same for this purpose anyway. Good spotting though.
Unlike most of the girls in my Baby Boomer cohort, I always thought the science geeks in high school were the sexiest. So this is sexy, man! (Or woman, if that's what you are!) If you come up with a per-liter carbonation recipe using either the vinegar and baking soda OR citric acid and baking soda, will you please post it? You might save some people from blowing up their kitchens if you do. I used to make mead. I'll never forget my first batch. It took months to get that stuff off the kitchen ceiling.... You come to understand that fooling with Mother Nature without awareness and respect can have disastrous consequences. Also, I'm curious to know how long the carbonation will remain if one, say, carbonated a 2-liter bottle and kept it in the fridge to drink on for a day or so.
how can i not respond to that with some more chemistry?
the above recipe is per one liter, but i don't think the appropriate recipe will help avoid explosion much, since its supposed to build up pressure.
According to the gas law pv=nrt, with n=0.182 moles of gas, and t= 300k (room temperature), and constant r = 0.08205784 Latm/Kmol, at p=1 atm (sea level pressure), the gas would take up about 4.5 liters of space. And assuming the gas generation bottle is 1 liter, and mostly empty of liquid, and the other bottle is mostly full, that 4.5 liters of gas is being pressurized into 1 liter of space, which is something like 65 PSI (more if you have a smaller bottle, as the one in this instructable appears to be). although the soda bottles should be able to take something like 200PSI, i expect the tubing connections are far below that, so you're just asking for something to blow up. And when you open the bottles, all that pressure is going to go somewhere. but isnt that part of the fun?

i cant say how long the carbonation will last. depends on how well it got carbonated to start with, how well it stays sealed, and how cold it is. As other people have mentioned, the beverage should carbonate better if its cold to start with (gases dissolve more easily in cold liquid), and should hold the carbonation better if you keep it cold.

One advantage of the commercial seltzer bottles is they stay sealed and pressurized until you're done with the beverage, but i think with this apparatus you'd be able to get the bubbles to last about the same length as a store bought bottle of soda, but i haven't tried to do a comparison.
If you stick a normal soda bottle cap on there it should stay pressurized, and therefore, carbonated indefinitely.

Any bottled soda will lose CO2 whenever you open it to take a drink and go flat over time.

H2O+CO2  <-> H2CO3
No, soda bottles can only take up to 150 PSI, they did it on myth busters.
bravo you did your math :p
i dont know if i could find a better comment to respond to on the topic of explosions, but, in any case, you could probably avoid having to clean up your possible mess by carbonating outdoors. i made the carbo-tea in my backyard, but as long as your not around anything that would be damaged if it got wet, you could carbonated pretty much whever you have access to outdoors. just an idea...
Use some chicken wire to reinforce the bottles the cut the top off a 2 litre bottle and but the chicken wire bottle inside the 2 litre
grams to moles moles to grams :)
Yeah, total flashbacks to Chem Lab. @.@
bravo on the chem. im surprised i followed it. gotta love stoichiometry!!!
i was just leaning about stoichiometry and gas laws in my HS chem class and i thought i'd never have to use either of them but u proved me wrong i guess! :P
Finally, somone not being a total and completely confounded and actually knows what he is talking about!
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End With 20 SamsonStretches
Repeat twice or three times a day.)

Call......doktor..............brainz broken................
codongolev6 years ago
carbonated orange juice is yummy. milk, not so much.
i want to try carbonating tomato soup _
Freaking brilliant.

I know, right?

Lance Mt.5 years ago
 Wont CO2 escape throgh the holes in the lid? You didn't even glue them :S
magickaldan5 years ago
Should say don't use glass bottles because they can explode and create deadly shrapnel.
hyper7 years ago
I've tried this a few times now and it really works! but I can't seem to get a lot of bubbles...is their a certain time you have to wait after the shaking? Carbonated koolaid is good :D
egreen767 (author)  hyper7 years ago
Umm, I would wait like30 secs. Yeah, it doesn't make stuff super fizzy. I'm going to mess around with this thing and try to improve it so it can make stuff even fizzier.
Hey, I figured out a way to make stuff a lot more carbonated, do you want me to post it or could I make a instructable (it would be my first one) out of it. If I made an instructable I would give you credit for the original design. Thanks, hockeydeewall
egreen767 (author)  qhxhycwr7 years ago
Totally... do it. That wud be awesome.
Hey, Wow... haven't been on instructables for a while. Well, I'm thinking about doing the instructable that i had mentioned before about improving on your design. But, I'm changing my username to survivingteenageboredom, so it's still me if you see the instructable made by that user. Thanks for this instructable (i've carbonated A LOT of drinks using this method... it's a lot cheaper than buying a CO2 tank :) hockeydeewall (from now on survivingteenageboredom)
Do it!
saenz qhxhycwr7 years ago
Hey, you said you figured out a way to make stuff a lot more carbonated, please let me know. I'm doing this experiment for my science project and I need results like yesterday. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Saenz
two words ALKA SELTZER
The only problem is that without some sort of valve or filter, the fizz could overvlow into the other bottle and make it disgusting
if you ever try the jones' soda, it tastes sorta like carbonated koolaid. Its probly a lot cheaper to do it yourself though
RedFlash5 years ago
But wouldn't this have an effect on the taste of the drinks put through this contraption?
RedFlash5 years ago
You could use this as a sorta gun to fire at people. Just block the other end of the tube, aim and fire (by unblocking it)
BlueX2735 years ago
Holy sh*t!!! This is an awesome idea!!! I've tried making ice-tea soda before by using yeast, but it was a total failure since it ended up tasting like apple juice and beer (yuck!!!). I was planning on using baking soda instead of yeast next time, but this is an even better idea!!! Thanks man!!!
becauseican5 years ago
i duznt it leak around the tubes
coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool i got this stomach bug so all i can drink is seltzer water club soda and anything else that is not regular water. even though the water here is crystal clean it still tastes bad
Ginger ale FTW! Ginger is really good for any stomach/colon ailment. It calms the muscle spasms and eases nausea.
SageMinto6 years ago
This is the easiest carbonating system I've seen put together! Everywhere else I search online the systems are complicated and expensive. But I have one quick question; where would I be able to find the tubing necessary for this? Is there a substitute if any?
Tombini6 years ago
It would be much more economical to just use dry ice, you should try to incorporate that into your idea. Vinegar and Sodium hydrogen carbonate are both expenisive but solid CO2 is around $5 per kilo, thats alot of CO2 gas!
except you would have to mass produce your drink in order to use a small portion of the dry ice from the blocks that are available to buy. In small quantities, vinegar and baking soda are much more economical.
but if you think about it dry ice is awsomly fun XD
good point : ) I was assuming you would make more than a few litres
temp Tombini6 years ago
have you tried making it with dry ice yet? if you have can you tell me the amount of dry ice you used and the amount of drink you made? please...
Tombini temp6 years ago
I once used it to carbonate some flat coke, there was around a liter left and the bottle was a 2 liter. I used one pellet of dry ice which is around 1 or 2 grams i geuss. If you live in Aus every PET bottle has to be rated to 280 PSI by law so if you are careful it wont turn into a pressure explosive (hehehe)
Yeah, but if the rig gets over pressurized then................. KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe right in your face. So dry ice is kind of risky w/o a pressure relief valve :)
cd41 Tombini6 years ago
your saying vinegar and baking soda are expensive? you must live deep in a poor country, i am suprised you have internet
Tombini cd416 years ago
A: I live in Australia, we are currently 4th on the Human Developement List so my country is not poor B: Its just that in Australia its much cheaper to buy dry ice than to mix Sodium hydrogen Bicarbonate and vinegar C: And if I was in a poor country, everything would be expensive therefor dry ice would be too. Vinegar is like $5 a bottle and NaH(CO3)2 is reasonable @ $1/kg It is just CHEAPER to use DRY ICE
it's NaHCO3... no need for two carbonate ions, just one bicarbonate =)
woody5586 years ago
My water tastes DISGUSTING after I do this. DO NOT TRY!!!!!
lol,thats either because if its sour,you accidentley got vinegar in the water during the process,or because carbonated water tastes disguisting and you have to make pop with it for it to acctually taste good.
greenly6 years ago
Cool... thank you, this will save me a ton of money since i drink gallons of carbonated water. My questions would be if the measurements are proportionate the same if made in larger quantities?
if i were to use two 2l bottles could i use the same ammounts 1/3 of a bottle etc
what tubing does he use I can't find any?
I love it thanx
troyarne6 years ago
thanks bro. very cool.
lowercase6 years ago
best instructable ever! I thought I should need a strong sealant over the cap-tubing but NO! this works great., no leaks. I also replaced the vinegar with tartaric acid
junits156 years ago
neat idea, I never would have thought that this would work, now all that is left to do is supersize it!
dodo916 years ago
cool. now i can mace any flavor of soda using kool-aid and this thing. Yay!
Audey6 years ago
You might avoid all the shaking if you put a fine mesh screen over the output.
ploop171 Audey6 years ago
or u can get a bubble stone from a pet shop :)
cd416 years ago
mmm.. sounds good... too bad you should've add it to the bottle contest
sajada6 years ago
Dude. this rocks. Im gonna try it. But seriously, dude, CHOCOLATE MILK!? How did that taste... like a gassy cow i guess...
woody5586 years ago
This is more like a "make your water taste like baking soda" machine. Does anyone have any tips?
egreen767 (author)  woody5586 years ago
Your tube might be too close to the vinegar and baking soda mixture or there is too much vinegar and b.soda in the bottle. The water shouldn't taste like that if just the CO2 is going into it. So, somehow the vinegar/bs mixture is making its way into the water through the tube.
I think I see a little toilet paper in there too. I can also see stuff traveling through the tube.
mman15066 years ago
i accidentally had vinegar and baking soda explode on me and some went in my eye so i flushed(not with the toilet ,in the bath room at the time) i looked up to have more mix in my eye frome drips on the ceiling
egreen767 (author)  mman15066 years ago
Wow. That really sucks. It is the worst to clean off the ceiling. I hope you are okay.
Quinns8 years ago
GAH! you beat me to it! I have wanted a drink carbonator for ages and i finally thought of a baking soda/vinegar one. Mine doesnt quite work yet though... I was using garden hose as its the only thing i had around and i think thats the problem (it doesnt squeeze into gaps well) my question is: Carbonated milk?
or even better, you could over-carbonate pop. or carbonate energy drinks. or carbonate pee (eeeeew) the possibilitys are endless!
carbonated orange juice... carbonated jello! is that possible?
egreen767 (author)  watermelonhead6 years ago
I made carbonated jello one time... it was strangely good
carbonated snot? or worse... diahreeha! hmmm, or maybe blood...
the pop would probably explode lol
i can't wait for my next u.a.
PKM Quinns7 years ago
Eww.. the carbonation produces carbonic acid, which is a weak acid but probably still strong enough to curdle the milk. Even if you don't end up with foamy cheese, it will probably taste unbelievably disgusting. Interesting fact, however, Fanta used to be made of whey (liquid part of separated milk) and apple pulp, so there might be some mileage in it after all. One last word of caution, I'd pay extra attention to the warnings of bottles spraying the drink all over if you are planning to use milk...
santy22 PKM6 years ago
mmmmm foamy cheez
iTHROWDOWN PKM7 years ago
fanta was ALSO not introduced to the US until after WWII because coca-cola wanted to sell drinks to the axis as well as the allies
There already is carbonated milk!!!! They had it in my school a few years ago to get kids to drink more milk instead of soda, i think it was called "Emoo", lol.
Emoo..... sounds like a black, pierced, punk-listening cow or AN ELECTRONIC COW is you say it e-moo
Be careful with that garden hose! Be sure you buy one that's suitable for drinking water. Most garden hoses are NOT and are nasty to drink from. Might even poison you! I've seen hoses, though, made for RVs and boats that say they are suitable for drinking water. I think this is a great instructable. It's gotten me thinking about rigging up something like this to make CO2 for a lettuce-raft hydroponics setup. Plants are supposed to grow better if you give them some CO2. Or at least that's what I've read.
I have heard that plants seem to grow poorly in a high-CO2 inviroment. It was a study done to see the affects of global warming and increase of CO2 in the inviroment.
egreen767 (author)  Quinns8 years ago
I've been wondering what that would taste like, I should try it.
yum, i knew how to do this before, and i make the yummiest carbonated lemonade. great ible, works well.
zimmemic256 years ago
i did this before, but i forgot to pinch the tube, so more co2 was pressed into the bottle when opened and it took all co2 out of my liquid...
PKTraceur6 years ago
Making now... I think my fish are mad at me for taking their excess of tubing...
Tips? My lemonade now taste like Ph 4 lemonade, VERY acidic, taste like Sodium Bicarbonate.
that happens with any carbonation method. adjust your recipe.
Wasagi6 years ago
Hey, can I make soda using this and sell it? Just asking permission, because of the license, Any way, Great instructable!!
jeff-o Wasagi6 years ago
This wouldn't be nearly efficient enough for volume production, compared to a commercial carbonator machine.
vg30_s12 jeff-o6 years ago
+1, but it would be good to show off to your friends and family and feel smarter than them lol nice writeup egreen :D
jeff-o vg30_s126 years ago
Well sure, that's always the goal, isn't it? ;)
noremakk8 years ago
An even easier way to carbonate or re-carbonate a drink: drop a block of dry ice in it. Wait 2 minutes. bingo, carbonated anything. ;)
Not safe, I heard. Dry ice, while it is frozen CO2, may have chemicals in it. Heard someone talking about dropping dry ice in punch to make it "smoke", and that bit of knowledge was dropped on them. Need a dry ice connoisseur to confirm, though.
My science teacher back in eighth grade used to carbonate his drinks all the time with dry ice. Dry Ice is pure frozen CO2, which is exactly what usually carbonates your drink. Putting it in it simply makes it bubble a lot, then after two minutes, it's sufficiently carbonated.
Bartboy7 years ago
When he says be carefull or it will explode, he REALLY means it!
santy22 Bartboy6 years ago
if i were a crezy demoman, i would be making cheap co2 bombs and disscusing it with you, or wouldn't i?
Bartboy santy226 years ago
It made a huge mess in my house.
boombam6 years ago
i had a similar idea, but i would replace the vinegar and baking soda with dry ice, not alot, actually not very much at all. I would probably use about a gram of solid CO2 since there are 2 containers, one filled with water
pmac937 years ago
I tried this and though it had to be airtight so I sealed it with silicone. I guess it can't be airtight because the tubing popped out and it went everywhere...
santy22 pmac936 years ago
u did it wrong.....
That Weasel7 years ago
i make a drink with lemonade and grenadine. I wonder if it would taste better if i carbonated it
EVARYTHING tastes better with bubblez
I can just about guarantee it.
venus7 years ago
I tried this twice water and koolaid and they both tasted a little bit like viniger and it barely got Carbonated
Miss World7 years ago
such a cool instructable! I gotta try this with strawberry milk :D
shadowfluid7 years ago
haha! nice instructable! i have been meaning to do this for quite some time now, but i just made my first drink today: carbonated un-sweetened raspberry iced tea! weird! but, not bad, i cant wait to try apple-juice or, as the last comment currently posted beneath me said, lemonade! Kudos!
Derin7 years ago
I make carbonated lemonade!
Awesome instructable! I am going to try this, FOR SURE.
Esmagamus7 years ago
I had thought about it, but I was afraid the drink would smell of vinegar. You deserve it: good instructable.
gabaO7 years ago
nice instructable. I recommend to carbonate cold liquids, because the CO2 will disolve much better in those. I will try this.
this_again7 years ago
next and acid base reflux distilation
finnster7 years ago
This is a rip off. I tried it literally 5 times and each time the vinegar and baking soda got in my water.
moomooman7 years ago
i tried carbonated chocolate milk i was good awesome instructable.
i tried making this. it worked ok but the holes i drilled in the bottle gaps for the hose leaked any idea on what to use for a sealant ?
egreen767 (author)  littlechef377 years ago
I would maybe try hot glue or that silicon caulking stuff. Also, it's okay if it leaks a little bit.
Is hot glue toxic, cause if it is I don't want to seal leaks with it.
Could maybe try drilling the hole smaller, or stick something slightly larger in the rubber tubing, like a pencil. Apply a little heat, and remove the pencil when it cools. Doing this will make the tube larger at the point you need it to be :) That is , if you're concerned about toxicity :)
hot glue always works
you could use threading tape its not really tape its like really thin white plastic it will seal it and make it fit...
fadbum7 years ago
where do u get aquarium sized tube?
egreen767 (author)  fadbum7 years ago
I think I got 10 feet of it for like $3 at Menards (a home improvement store similar to Home Depot) You can also get it at pet stores.
Save big money at Menards!
Yeah, Wal-Mart sells it ,too... over in the pet department next to aquarium supplies.
NozeDive7 years ago
You shop at Giant Eagle, don't you? I have the exact same vinegar and baking soda containers in my kitchen.
Nice, I will try that. carbonized chocolate milk, that sounds fun
Llewner7 years ago
Also note that the colder the final liquid when you start, the better the CO2 goes into solution.
bohner447 years ago
I made ginger beer once and the stubbies blew up (mostly at night, dunno why) pretty big bang.
LegoFudge7 years ago
I tried carbonating drinks with dry ice, but they always tasted too acidic. I also stopped after i found out they were supposed to be selling it for 1.00 per ounce, not pound.
ngong07 years ago
do you know if water and alka-seltzer will work?
egreen767 (author)  ngong07 years ago
It seems like it might work. It might not put out enough CO2, but I'm not really sure. It's worth a try if you have a lot of alka-seltzer laying around.
bravo bravo love it i cant belive how simple it is and my store by my house sells soda base so now i have cheap easy soda yay me thx so much
moomoocows7 years ago
I ran into a slight problem as I depressurized one it began to fill with the back wash of the other in order to equalize any help there.
xtreme17 years ago
DUDE thats freakin sweet!!!
HaZe327 years ago
hows carbonated vodka?? =)
isobel788 years ago
can you foresee any reason why one couldn't use glass bottles for the containers?
glass bottles explode
i would think glass is ok to use, because the pressure generated shouldn't be too great. be careful if you try it though. use sturdy containers. wear protective gear the first time. glass exploding isn't fun
glass exploding isn't fun
You're just not doing it right.
You made me chuckle out loud.
egreen767 (author)  isobel788 years ago
i wouldn't even try it with glass... but i guess whatever you want
woot! thats awesome (and the cheapest one iv seen). Ok i got a few questions tho, is the carbonation of this as of seltzer water or not as intence (less bubbly), like if i 'revived' soda, would it be exactly, less, or more bubbly? Anyway, great Instructable, and i will make some when i get this message back :-).
egreen767 (author)  !Andrew_Modder!7 years ago
umm.... it really depends on the amount of vinegar and baking soda you use. The more you use, the more fizzy it will be. I usually fill the bottle about 1/3 or 1/4 full of vinegar and about 1 tbsp of baking soda. Try adding more baking soda for more fizz. Be careful though, if you use too much it could blow up.
ok :-) oh also, one quick question, how come store bought carbonated water tastes almost salty (no salt added :-\), does yours (i really dought it but wt ever quick question lol)
egreen767 (author)  !Andrew_Modder!7 years ago
It tastes pretty much the same as the store bought stuff.... I think. Go to this link to find out a little bit more.
wat brand of water bottles r they/
egreen767 (author)  Jr Hacking kid7 years ago
it really doesn't matter what brand of bottles you use as long as they are somewhat sturdy.
bobulator7 years ago
Wow! ingenious!
nelelr7 years ago
Its great to see a young kid like you posting amazing instructables. Keep it up and please post some more projects- I also recommend keeping a log of all this stuff to send in to colleges in a few years, they'll be impressed!
bottle caps* sorry for the mistake
Stanaboy7 years ago
A bit off topic: I live in Norway, and have no idea what Vinager is. Anyone know the norwegian name for it, or another norwegian product that does the same?
You might better call it Acetic Acid. It could be possible you might not know about it, it is available in markets. It is possible you might not know because it is mostly used in Asian countries, on noodles and stuff...
eddik is norsk for vinager apparently.. i moved to norway and am learning norsk slowly :S now i just learned vinager :3 eddik :)
egreen767 (author)  Stanaboy7 years ago
do they have citric acid over there? you can use the citric acid powder, baking soda, and water instead of vinegar and baking soda.
Wartortle7 years ago
After running a few numbers, I came up with the ratio of 1 part baking soda to 9 parts vinegar. So if you're using 2 liter bottles and using close to the same chemical reaction to water ratio as our good friend egreen is, it would be about half a liter of vinegar with 4 tablespoons of baking soda. I haven't actually tried this yet (I came up with the numbers after running out of vinegar) so if someone could confirm or deny this, that would be super.
i tried this. i exploded apple juice all over my mothers kitchen. my tube poped out of the vinegar baking soda and the presurized applejuice went every where. i think ill go try this outside.
i tried it outside... it was carbonated very lightly, i have some questions what size bottles?, what diameter tubing?, how much baking soda and vinegar?
I just use 20 oz bottles, the tubing size really doesn't matter, and I have never really measured the amount of vinegar and b. soda. I usually fill the bottle like about 1/3 or 1/4 full of vinegar and about 1 tbsp of b. soda. You kinda have to experiment with it. Sorry about the explosion... that happened to me once. It coincidentally was apple juice too. LOL That happens when there is too much vinegar and baking soda.
zachninme7 years ago
I just did this, and two tips:
It takes a long time, I got no results after 1 hour.
And to release pressure -- poke a SMALL hole in the tubing. It comes out veryyy slowwly... keep repeating if impatient.
egreen767 (author)  zachninme7 years ago
I don't know why it took a whole hour. It usually takes about a minute or two. You probably weren't using enough vinegar and baking soda.
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
i cant wait to the possibilitys are endless
Pretty cool...I like the "science fair" approach! Check out my more "industrial" carbonation solution at http://www.instructables.com/id/EKWAN4FF44XY58J/...it's meant for people who carbonate often, and it ends up costing about $0.04 per 2-liter bottle! Tell me what you think!
Great instructable. Does the gas not leak between the tube and the cap?
egreen767 (author)  puffin_juice8 years ago
It hasn't for me. If you make the hole small enough, it won't leak.
nice... it works! haha after a few trys i got the right amount of baking soda and viniger... all the other times it sorta blew up the hose
Elflord8 years ago
Very Cool! Would it be bad to seal the tube to the lids of the bottles using hot glue or something? I thought the gas would escape through the holes in the cap or something. Maybe I just don't really understand how carbonation works :)
egreen767 (author)  Elflord8 years ago
You could if you wanted to. I haven't had mine leak yet though.
tyeo0988 years ago
THAT...IS...INGENIOUS!!!!!!!!! I tip my hat off to you, a cheap way to make carbonated fruit!!!!!!
gyromild8 years ago
Would the drink be tainted by hint of vinegar taste/smell?
egreen767 (author)  gyromild8 years ago
No, there isn't any taste or smell of vinegar.
Brennn108 years ago
Very Interesting! The carbonated fruit Ible is also pretty cool.
tomc3uk8 years ago
Could you do this with a yeast and sugar culture? Like the homemade CO2 systems for aquariums.
westfw8 years ago
Have you tried restoring flat soda?
nepheron8 years ago
way cool
NICE!!! Somthing i can actually do :-) But one thing, is it as bubbly or bubbly'r than normal seltzer water- or pop?
egreen767 (author)  !Andrew_Modder!8 years ago
It depends on how much vinegar and baking soda you use. the more you use, the more fizzy it will be.
iairj848 years ago
Also regular airline tubing will break down from C02 after a while. If you can get silicon tubing it is much more resistant to the breakdown from C02. I use it with my homemade C02 for my aquarium.
zachninme8 years ago
You can probably keep it more carbonated by drinking out of the bottle.