Introduction: Card Board and Duct Tape Briefcase

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This is a simple instructible ,with a little patience anyone can make it.lets begin! What you'll need: A large cardboard box, Red and gray duct tape, Velcro, Something to use for handles, A hobby knife, And a very sharp knife

Step 1: Make Main Body

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Cut out two squares that are20"x18 1/2" big ,and that have rectangles hanging off the 20" side, 5 1/2" tall,as in the first picture. Next, tape them together as in the second and third pictures. Part 2:cut out two rectangles 5 1/2"x18 1/2"long and attach as in the fifth picture, then seal the edges as in picture six. Next Step!

Step 2: Prime Shape and Color

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Look at your box. There should be one side that looks like an upside-down "u". Cut this side in half, go up the seam, and cut it across the top to the back end, as in pictures one and two. Part two: Cover the entire box in gray duct tape, and over lap the edges, as in the last picture. Step Three!!

Step 3: Color and Add Straps

Picture of Color and Add Straps

I did a reverse design of what is shown in the first picture. First, make one long strip running across the middle from top( the cut part) to bottom. Do the same on the other side. Next, cover the entire top and bottom in red. After that add one long strip on the bottom of one side, then place another one above it an inch shorter, then make two small strips and attach them diagonally, as in the second picture. Lastly, add Velcro straps on both of the sides with one hanging halfway off on either side, and with the other two all the way on there. Cover these with two small strips of gray tape. Lastly, tape on your handles and you're good to go! Instructible , Complete!


SuperWhoLockJackson made it! (author)2016-11-08

Ran into some slip-ups, but that was my fault.

avenger22 (author)2013-06-05

Sure, 'pickle

DillPickle1227 (author)2013-06-05

Maybe u could help me make 1 sometime

foobear (author)2013-05-06

cool, you could carry this around with your hoodie business suit

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