Step 4: Finished Product

Here is my finished product. This one is for my daughters dog. For my dog i will make it black with leopard print duct tape and i will probably put some blingy letters of my dogs name on it. Please send me pics of your style when you make this fun and easy project.

Charlie was so kind to be my lovely little model. I got her from the pound almost 1 year ago. She is a great dog. Knows lots of tricks and loves to retreive.

<p>Fantastic! I love it although I made a few changes including using nylon string to tie the door to the box, making a hook out of a strip of scrap metal, an I used mesh in strips so I ended up with something similar but slightly different for my little kitty who if you couldn't see was ever wearing his DIY collar and his DIY harness and leash were in the background?</p>
<p>Oooooooo.......... Daym girl</p>
<p>I love the idea of making a dog house with the household items and we go ta project to make something ourself so I am making it.......</p>
I find this hilarious
Very nice! I just think that my dog would eat the walls. This is also the dog that ate a cell phone. :D
thank you. lol. that wouldnt be good.was your dog ok after eating the cell phone??? what kind of dog do you have?
He was fine. We have a wired-hair fox terrier, but we call him a wired-hair fox <u><em>terror</em></u>. :)
Adorable! And your pup looks so happy. I think I need to make one for my kitties too. They love nestling up in small places.
Thank you.Please send me a pic if you do make one.I would love to see how you decorate it to match your style/home.(if you do decide to &quot;spruce&quot; it up) I know it wont last forever but i am enjoying the money i saved and if i had bought one it would be boring.
this is a great idea for puppies! they know they have a boundary to abide by - and yet they don't know that it could be fragile. So once they learn it - they will think it's just where they need to be. love your color choice, and your &quot;paint palette&quot; matches your project lol! :P
thank you. I agree with you ,but dogs of all ages need a &quot;den&quot; to call home.Even if you never closed the door,it would be good for your dog to have a nice quiet place that they can feel secure. <br> <br>

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