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I found a shelf with boxes at a flea market for $100. It looks like a card catalog but is just a shelf with boxes on it. The boxes are smaller at the top and longer as you move down. The boxes are labeled with numbers and labels like Fantasy, True Crime, Sports, ect. so the shelf was used to store books. I took it home and put it in my garage for storage. 
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Step 3: Full View

At this time I am still organizing the contents of the drawers. I do plan on labeling the drawers but I am still mixing and matching things. I am putting the things I use most often at the sides. Some things I have combined like eye protection with ear plugs and stuff like that. What I like most is how large the drawers get as you go down.  I have lawn mower blades with room for other hardware in one of the bottom drawers. To me this is basically a giant well organized "Junk Drawer" 

Step 4: Drawers

Here is a variety of drawers. I am open to any suggestions as far as organizing.  
sibu2 years ago
Good find, I am a bit envious really. Suggestion for a few of the drawers...a piece of styrofoam with slots cut into it, would hold your hand saws and hack saws in a vertical position, saving the blade and your fingers. How about taking some cardboard and sectioning off some of the drawers to stop the contents from becoming a jumbled mess - I am thinking of the drawer with the hooks in it, or the springs. I don't know the term (if there is one) but cut slots in the cardboard half way up one piece and half way down the other so they interlock. Maybe stand your tapes up on edge so you can see the one you want at a glance - make a ridge/bump, so they don't roll back and forth.
mpmitri (author)  sibu2 years ago
Thanks for the props! You have great suggestions! Now it is on me to put some of your suggestions into use and share the pictures. Stay tuned with updates...I can't promise when I will but probably in a month or so during spring cleaning. Thanks for looking and feel free to Follow me if you like :)