Card Game Dry Erase Tokens





Introduction: Card Game Dry Erase Tokens

For Standard size cards you will need:

Card Sleeves 2 5/8"x3 5/8" standard size for your cards

: 4"x6" Photo Paper

: Printer + Ink

: Scissors

: Ruler

: Dry Erase Markers (Fine Tip Work Best)

For The Oversized Cards You Will Need Oversized Sheathes 3 5/8" x 5"

Step 1: Standard Card Size Tokens

Download/copy jpg and be sure your printer is not resizing the image when you print. Turn the fit to page option off and it should print in actual size.

Print one double check with ruler before cutting or printing more.

Then cut them out right on the black edge and sheathe

Then destroy all opponents...... nicely

Download eps file to use as a template and create your own flare or images to customize.

Step 2: Oversized Cards 3 /58" X 5"

These are based on the Planeschase planar lands. They are great for tracking life and abilities that affect all creatures or groups of creatures.

This one has cut lines in lite grey on it to give a thin white border around it so the black doesn't blend in with the black on the sheathe.

Download the eps if you want to customize it yourself



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    GOOD IDEA!! I play a Soul Sisters deck and my Ajani's Pridemate can increase its power at a rapid pace and it can get hard to keep track. So this will be a big help.

    This would be useful when we play Smash Up, people always forget how many points they have. XD