Card Pyramid Stuff Holder





Introduction: Card Pyramid Stuff Holder

About: M DeMers Senior Director of Fuel Ignition Division Jet Propulsion Laboratory 4800 Oak Grove Dr, Pasadena, CA 91109

If you are a bit of a hoarder (like me) this handy invention will hold your stuff in a stylish and interesting way.

You will need:

1. A deck of cards

2. Tape

Step 1: Triangles

First make your first triangle.

Take three cards and connect them with tape edge to edge, resulting in a line of cards.

Now form a triangle with them and tape

Step 2: Select a Size

Now you can make more individual triangles to combine and create bigger ones. When you combine to make a bigger triangle the will be a empty space in the center, so make sure to fill that in with the same size pyramid.

Step 3: How to Connect the Triangles

When connecting triangles you will have to make the previous size 4 times. first take the pyramids and tape the together like you in the first step then take your fourth and slide into the middle and tape.

You can keep making it Bigger but make sure to keep in mind that the bigger it is, the time to make is multiples. As well, making it to big, will not allow it to stand on itself. At this point, I would suggest hanging it, like I did.



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    Wow. This is amazing! I love it! I am very excited to try this.

    the bigger the more cards you need i used sbout two decks for the large

    sorry. never was able to win my middle school spelling bee...

    Very cool idea. May I suggest looking through for spelling. Other than that it was great!

    That's clever ! Awesome concept :D ! voted

    What a clever way to create some tiny cute storage! Thanks for sharing!