I watch 2 grandsons, big brother (4 years) and little brother (20 months), 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  I am always looking for ways to keep them active and happy.  I have been wanting to create a cloth covering to put over our card table, to turn it into an easy fort, tent or place to “HIDE”, as little brother always says.  Finally this past weekend I took up the challenge and “gotter done”.  My grandsons have used it and love it.

Step 1:

5 yds. of material (I finally opened the bolt of unbleached muslin that I bought years ago)
Clear plastic (bought by the yard, easy to sew, left over from a past project)
White thread
Sewing machine
Tape measure
Sewing scissors
Fabric markers
Straight pins
A couple of books/ magazines (one larger than the other)
Card table cutting mat
Rotary cutter

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Bio: In a valiant attempt to keep myself from dying of boredom, I create.
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