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Step 1:

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Tell your spectator to pick out three cards and to write them down

Step 2:

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Make one pile of 10 cards and two piles of 15

Step 3:

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Put the first card on the pile with 10 cards and cut the second pile in half and place it on top of the first pile

Step 4:

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Put the second card on top of the second pile and cut the third pile in half and place in on top of the second pile

Step 5:

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Take the third card and place it on top of the third pile with the left over nine cards place it on top of the third pile

Step 6:

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Start with the third pile and collect the rest from 3,2,1

Step 7:

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Take the first four cards and place them on the bottom

Step 8:

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The first card place it face up and the second card face down continue that process until you have seperated the whole deck

Step 9:

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take the face up cards and put them to the side continue step 8 until the deck is seperated

Step 10:

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Continue step 8 and 9

Step 11:

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You will have two piles of three put the face up pile to the side

Step 12:

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Your spectators cards will end up at the bottom


Ludafressa (author)2014-03-23

Could someone please clarify step 5

Dorkus14 (author)2013-05-31

I've always enjoyed this trick its great for a quick trick at parties

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