Introduction: Card Trick: Pick a Card, Any Card (easy-intermediate)

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Easy Trick.

Step 1:

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fan out the cards

Step 2:

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have your friend pick any card

Step 3:

tell him to memorize it. if you want have him to put it on his nose and say: ego sum stolidus vos es veneficus

Step 4:

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split the deck in half, which means within two cards of the 27th card, or else the trick won't work, but don't sit there counting them out.

Step 5:

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tell him to put his card on one of the piles. put the the other pile on top of this one.

Step 6:

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lay out cards into four piles

Step 7:

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ask him if he sees his card in any of the piles, and discard all but the one containing his card

Step 8:

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lay into four piles again
discard pile which extra card lands on

Step 9:

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take top and bottom card off of each of the three piles and discard them
stack the cards
take the top and bottom cards off and discard them
flip over the last card.
should be your friend's


emilolip (author)2012-12-30

really? ego sum stolidus vos es veneficus? very clever distraction.

TerminalDragon (author)2010-10-17

good old bicycle playing cards :) I use cards just like yours :)

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