Introduction: Card Trick: Psychic Guessing (easy)

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Step 1:

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have your friend shuffle, fan out the cards face-up

Step 2:

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"guess" the card by glancing at the first two cards you see.  in this case, there's king, and the second card is spades.  look at the pictures.  pull that card out- the king of spades, in this case.

Step 3:

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ask for a number between 5 and 25.  in this case, it's six.

Step 4:

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lay the cards into two piles as demonstrated in the photo and the video.

Step 5:

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flip over the top two cards, and there you have it... King.... Spades.


eclipsepsychic (author)2015-03-04

Gonna give this a try :)

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