Introduction: Card Trick: the Royal Family (easy)

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Step 1:

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take all jacks, aces,kings,and queens out of the deck.  put them in their own piles.

Step 2:

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lay down the jacks

Step 3:

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lay down the queens

Step 4:

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lay down the kings

Step 5:

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lay down the aces

Step 6:

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now there should be four piles.....

Step 7:

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stack them

Step 8:

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cut them about in half four times at least

Step 9:

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lay them out as shown

Step 10:

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square them into piles

Step 11:

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spread them out and they'll be in their own piles as shown


fonnie075 (author)2017-02-22

OMG! It didn't work for me, but I did it and it kept repeating the same card pattern as the beggenning! Like, when you had to put the Ace's, Jacks, Kings, and Queens in a pattern. When I got to the end to the end where you flip the cards over it showed the same pattern. Nothing changed. The weird part is that I shuffled it like I was supposed! I don't know how to explain it, but it was AWESOME!

everythingicanthinkof (author)2014-09-29

How do you do that? That's dumb

emilolip (author)2012-12-30

what does the "cut them in half step mean? could you clarify?

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