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When I saw the cardboard challenge I had a great idea, I would make a clock, a working cardboard clock.
All you need is some basic tools, a clock mechanism and hands, glue and some cardboard, go have fun!

Step 1:

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Here are most of the tools I used. There are some things that I would suggest you use which were not available to me at the time. Such as a compass and a protractor, to make the clock face round.
sunshiine2 years ago
Nice job! Keep them coming!
well, what a fun project! I may have to just make one this evening. Ive been wanting to begin making clocks, but dont exactly have alot of $$$ for clock parts and housing. thank you!
I cannibalized an old broken clock my mom didn't want any more for the clock mechanism, so I didn't spend a nickle. When you make one please post pictures, I would love to see them.
Thats cool. I saw "Cardboard Clock" and I was like, no way. But this is awesome.
ChrysN3 years ago
Great looking clock!