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When I saw the cardboard challenge I had a great idea, I would make a clock, a working cardboard clock.
All you need is some basic tools, a clock mechanism and hands, glue and some cardboard, go have fun!
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Step 1:

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Here are most of the tools I used. There are some things that I would suggest you use which were not available to me at the time. Such as a compass and a protractor, to make the clock face round.

Step 2:

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Make a frame to hold your clock, I made a box. If you want to add a pendulum you will want to make it longer than mine.

Step 3:

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Make the clock face, be sure to make sure the clock mechanism can fit. Add numbers. If you paint it be sure to do it before you add the numbers.

Step 4:

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Now it's time to make decorations. I used leaves I cut out and spry painted them gold.

Step 5: How To Make A Card Board

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For the numbers I made card board roman numerals and painted them black.

Step 6:

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2012-07-12 16.26.40.jpg
Put in clock mechanism and hands. Finish assembly and enjoy your clock.