The idea behind building this cardboard setup is taken from our current setup.this is my dream setup.this setup is completely made up from scrap material.i have spent only 8$ making this cardboard setup & which are of glue stick,tape & photo printing.Total Lenght & breadth of this setup is 1 meter X 1 meter .i want to change & modify my current setup to this.you can see my current setup that is already updoaded to Instructable.

Step 1: Tools & Material Used

Tool i used are

1. Glue gun

2. Set square

3. Canon photo printer

4. Scale

5. Marker & Pencil

6. Glue

7. cutter

8. Tape (Masking,Cello & brown)

Material Used

1. Thermocoal

2. Cardboard

3. Paper

4. Silver foil

Step 2: Basic Building

I did not take any pic while making i have only taken pic while assembling so sorry for that next time i will take pic step by step & make video setup by step.i am working on improving these skill.

Step 3: Each Accessories of Setup

Step 4:

Step 5: Finally!!!!!!

<p>This miniature set up is awesome. Dollhouse/doll people would love this.</p>
So looking at the picture I thought this was life size....a little disappointed
<p>Same here! We have cardboard boxes galore at work that go off to recycling and I thought wow I could build this. Oh well at least it taught me to look more closely in future......</p>
<p>Nice prototyping! FYI, Thermocol is Styrofoam, which are both (common) brand names for expanded polystyrene.</p>

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